Lending a hand to employees in caronavirus chaos


Offshore floating casino Big Daddy, is set the ball rolling in alleviating fears of employees during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Company officials said that, they are trying to safeguard the well-being of employees by making sure that they follow the 21-day lockdown. The casino’s 350 plus employees who reside in the company accommodations across Panaji will receive three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) every day at their door-step. 

  Directors, Lakhram Goyal and Puneet Narang are looking into the execution of the initiative, whereas head of finance, Amit Garg is taking care of smooth functioning of the food distribution. Chef Shubham Dhar who handles the daily food preparation, said, “Big Daddy hasn’t backed out from helping staff. Despite the curfew and the lockdown and people not being able to get resources on time, we had planned a few days back as we knew what was coming. The least we could do is provide staff with three meals a day.”

    The casino owned by Gopal Kanda intends to feed employees till the lockdown lasts. “We support our staff because, at the end of the day, they are the backbone of our company. We wish them good health and hope to get out of this COVID-19 situation soon,” said a company release.