Beep Sound Thermal-Detectors Should Be Installed

Precautionary measures will have to be adopted at the bus-stand, railway station, airports and at the state borders because of coronavirus. Every person travelling from another country or another state within the country will have to undergo thermal scanning. However once the normal air-traffic commences along with the start of plying of interstate buses and trains, recording the temperature of millions of travelers everyday using a thermal gun will be an impossible task. In future a thermal detector in the form of an arch may have to be invented through which the passengers will have to pass just like one has to pass through metal detector. These thermal-detectors will have to be installed at the airport and other important places where huge crowds are expected. Just like the metal-detector, this thermal-detector could be programmed to sound a beep if the temperature of the person passing through it is above the normal body temperature. Use of such a device instead of the thermal gun, which is presently being used, will go a long way in making it easier for the authorities to record the temperature of travelers and detect COVID-19 positive cases.  


Consolidated Saving Scheme For Senior Citizens Needed

Pradhan Mantri Vya Vandana Yojna (PMVVY) by LIC of India with maximum investment-limit of rupees 15 lakhs 10-years maturity period and 8-per cent annual interest for senior citizens has been further extended for further three years considering fall in interest-rates of bank-deposits. Another government-scheme for senior citizens named Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) initially started at post-offices with 5-years maturity and maximum investment-limit of another rupees 15 lakhs with interest-rate changing every quarter (now less than 8-percent) and interest being paid quarterly was later introduced in many branches of public-sector banks also. Senior citizens instead should be provided a consolidated saving-scheme at all branches of public-sector banks with 8-percent annual interest paid monthly thus clubbing both PMVVY and SCSS if possible with maximum combined investment-limit of say rupees 50 lakhs. Deposits already made in PMVVY and SCSS can be deducted from maximum investment-limit. It should be ensured that all branches of public-sector banks may provide SCSS. Also every branch of public-sector banks should be linked with nearest unit of LIC of India where all policies including PVVY may be available.


Stranded Migrant Labourers’ Plight

If the tamasha happening around the Madgao railway station is anything to go by, it does appear that the migrants in Goa desirous of returning to their native places are in for a long and miserable wait. Despite the railways introducing a number of Shramik special trains from the state to carry thousands of stranded migrants back home, it is quite surprising to have the sort of scenes witnessed at the Konkan railway station at Margao where enraged migrant labourers clashed with the police on Monday. Several migrants gathering around the immediate vicinity of the railway station with their bags and belongings is definitely not a healthy sign and pooh-poohs claims by the administration of having an efficient system in place which ensures that the entire process of transporting the migrants back home is carried out very methodically and strictly conforms to the guidelines prescribed vis-à-vis the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports of stranded migrant labourers giving vent to their feelings of angst and desperation and bringing about riotous situations in various parts of the country indicates the complete failure, or should once say a marked reluctance shown by the government in coming to terms with the enormity of the situation. With no known vaccines or other curative means to contain the coronavirus infection; social distancing norms and the mandatory wearing of face-masks continue to be the most reliable methods to ward off the dangers. But the absolute disregard shown by the migrants who are seen congregating in clusters in the immediate radius around the Margao railway station is indeed a cause for alarm. One can well understand the plight of the migrant labourers who are seemingly at their wits end challenged that they are by the impossible circumstances arising out of the Coronavirus scare. Questions necessarily need to be asked as to how such a situation came to be despite the ‘sincerest’ efforts by the government to ferry the migrants home. How does the government propose tackling this issue!

Apparently there has been a communication gap between the ‘facilitators’ and the migrants wishing to go back resulting in unmanageable crowds having become the order of the day around most of the ‘departure’ points! As it is, Goa is sitting on tip of the iceberg with reports of a steady rise in the number of infections.