Syria PM sacked amidst growing economic crisis


Damascus: In the midst of one of the worst economic crises in the last decade, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has dismissed Prime Minister Imad Khamis after four years.

The surprise move on Thursday came just a month before parliamentary elections in the war-torn country, reports Efe news.

Assad named Hussein Arnous, formerly the Minister of Water Resources, as the new Prime Minister.

In a statement, the presidency said the government would continue to work toward the parliamentary elections, which have been twice postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and are now slated to take place on July 19. Assad, who next month will mark 20 years since coming to power following the death of his father Hafez, is currently having to juggle one of the harshest economic crises to hit Syria, a country that has been devastated by nine years of war.  The Syrian pound had dropped sharply, according to non-government sources, while inflation has soared to 50 per cent, aggravated by the economic crisis in neighbouring Lebanon.