There will not be another lockdown in Goa despite spike in COVID cases, says Lobo




The Minister for Ports Michael Lobo, on Monday, said that the government has written to the Centre to provide relaxation in rules  to open bars in Goa as the operation of restaurants and bars go together.

“There will not be another lockdown in Goa despite the spike in COVID cases reported in the state,” said Lobo.

Speaking further, he said that there is an urgent need to start bars in Goa as the operation of restaurants and bars go together in Goa.

“Nearly, 80 per cent of Goans going to restaurants need their quota of drink.  I am not talking on behalf of the liquor industry. The restaurants are losing business as the bars are not open. Even tourists will not visit Goa,” he said.

Regarding the opening of the hotels in Goa, he said that it was the decision taken by the cabinet.

He said that the decision could have been deferred till next month as COVID cases are on the rise in the state.

Lobo further said that “the hotel industry is in a bad shape. How long one will wait to start the industry when other industries have already opened with some restrictions?”

There was a pressure on the Chief Minister from the hotel industry to start operation as it has reduced salaries to their permanent staff and presently paying only a stipend.

When Lobo was questioned on the harassment meted out to Goan hoteliers by the tourism department by asking them many questions and telling to furnish documents during registration of hotels, Lobo said that such cases have come before him and he has already spoken to the Chief Minister to simplify the registration process.