‘Govt failed to recover money from errant mining companies’




With the state government facing a financial crisis to fight against COVID-19, some citizens of Vasco were of the opinion that the recovery from errant mining companies could have helped the government to overcome the present situation.

According to some citizens of Vasco, the government has failed to recover thousands of crores of money from errant mining companies despite the order issued by the apex court.

“The money recovered from the errant mining firms could have helped in fighting COVID-19 and offering better facilities to the patients as well as medical personnel”, disclosed the citizens.

It was said that the government has failed miserably to handle the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and as such starting of trains and flight services from the red zones have worsened the lives of the people residing in all parts
of the state.

The citizens have also added that the pollution in the air in Vasco is not addressed properly for last several years and due to which it is also been a cause of concern, affecting the health
of people.