Designs with a difference


Graphic designer Kalyani Bambolkar recently won a Silver Award at A’ Design Award and Competition for her poster campaign ‘TEN’. NT BUZZ details 


Kalyani Bambolkar has always had a strong desire to make a difference through designs that reflect real-world scenarios.

And the Ponda-based graphic designer recently won a Silver Award at A’ Design Award and Competition under Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category for her poster campaign ‘TEN’ at A’ Design Award 2019-2020, Italy. The Silver A’ Design Award is given to top five percentile designs that exhibits an exemplary level of greatness in design. Entries to the A’ Graphic Design Awards are peer-reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand expert jury panel of leading academics, influential press members, and experienced professionals.

 “It does feel great when I win such international awards. It inspires and pushes me to do more creative work,” she says, adding that more than the awards, she enjoys participating in competitions for the experience.

The poster campaign she did was done for Kingston University, United Kingdom, where she completed her Masters in Communication Design-Graphic Design in 2017.

“Kingston University completed 10 years of its MA fashion course, so they decided to showcase their student’s finest works at The Design Museum, London. The brief was to design posters without showing the actual student’s work and any typical fashion elements. The posters were designed by showing marks of clothes on one’s body in the shape of ‘X’,” she explains. These posters were then displayed all around the event in London and further used in other design elements, such as e-invites, brochures, stage slideshow, etc.

Kalyani is married to Gautam Kamat Bambolkar from Ponda and works in the US. On a sabbatical currently, she travelled with her husband to the US for a short period. In the US, she keeps herself busy with her own thought-out projects and participates in many competitions.

Her work in graphic design and advertising has previously won international awards at Core 77 Design Awards, London International Creative Competition & Adobe Achievement Award. At Core 77 Design Awards, her design also won the ‘Community Choice Prize’.

The graphic designer now wants to work on projects which will directly benefit social, humanitarian, community, or environmental causes.

Potholes for the win

Kalyani and Gautam Bambolkar recently won a Wood Pencil for their typography campaign ‘***hole Elections 2020’ at the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020. They bagged this award for a brief set by Google and HMCT. New Blood Awards is one of the world’s largest competition for advertising, design, digital and marketing students, recent graduates, and young creatives worldwide.

Gautam, an alumnus of Goa College of Art says that the brief was to communicate the unique power of music through typography that best represents a musical movement. “The pothole situation in India and the songs made on that was the inspiration for this campaign. The alphabets were designed to show the road lanes of Indian cities and how potholes have destroyed them,” he says, adding that the work also reflected the war-zone feel of Indian roads, where people get out of the house with the fear of death every day.