‘Revised’ guidelines issued for home isolation of pre-symptomatic, asymptomatic COVID cases


Panaji: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has issued revised guidelines under standard operating procedure (SOP) for home isolation of very mild, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.

The SOP states that any asymptomatic person desiring to be under home isolation has to  make a request to the Collector or Deputy Collector concerned to permit him or her to be in home isolation, through e-mail on the official email ID.

The undertaking on self isolation as per the annexure will have to be enclosed with the application and on receipt of the application along with the undertaking the Collector/Deputy Collector shall forward it to the medical officer concerned, in whose jurisdiction the said person is residing.

The medical officer shall ascertain the health status of the person and return the application to the Collector/Deputy Collector with recommendation for home isolation if found eligible, and on receiving the recommendation of the medical officer the Collector/Deputy Collector shall permit the person to be under home isolation with the condition to update the health status to the local health officer as advised by the Health Department.

The permission will be communicated to the village panchayat or municipality concerned. On receipt of this information, the village panchayat/municipality shall paste a sticker on the house mentioning that the family is under home isolation.

The Collector/Deputy Collector shall maintain separate register of such persons in home isolation in the following format: Name of the person, address, phone number and name of the health officer, and start date of home isolation and end date of home isolation etc etc.

The taluka-wise details of the persons under home isolation shall be submitted by 4 pm to the Collectorate on the respective WhatsApp group.  Randomly checks have to be conducted to ensure that the monitoring of home isolation is carried out.

The village panchayat or municipality shall monitor the persons in home isolation and ensure that the person or the family does not violate the home isolation norms and written undertaking on self-isolation  from the person.