Farmers irked as sewage, broken bottles hamper crop cultivation


Parra: Farmers from Calangute, Saligao, Candolim, Parra are facing problems due to nuisance of sewage that flows into fields and broken glass bottles thrown by boozers.

Many farmers have complained to their respective panchayats about these problems as they face hurdles in carrying out their farming activity smoothly.

For instance, a senior citizen from Parra Benjamin D’Souza said that for past three years he has been suffering due to the sewage problem being caused by illegal hutments and as such farming cannot be carried out smoothly. So also the problem of broken glass bottles due to which, he said,  farm labourers were hesitant to work in his field owing to fear of getting  cut injuries to their feet.

Benjamin, who is into organic farming, told this daily that as regards the sewage problem he has complained to the village panchayat of Parra, health office, zonal agriculture office, but nothing has happened.

“Youth are drinking beer and throwing bottles in my field and due to this, workers are not ready to come. So also because of sewage nuisance,” he said.

Domingo, a farmer from Calangute, said he helped Benjamin with cultivation of his field as labourers were not ready to work in his field owing to broken glass bottle pieces that lay scattered. This problem is also being faced by farmers in Saligao and Calangute, he said.

Meanwhile, Calangute Constituency Forum president Premanand Divkar has taken up the issue of Benjamin. Divkar said that farming has been taken up as a passion by Benjamin, but his complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

He said the panchayat secretary has full powers to act under sections 83 and 89 of Goa Panchayati Raj Act, 1986 on the sewage issue.