LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – August 5, 2020


CM Gets A Rap On The Knuckles

AFTER getting a rap on the knuckles over the COVID management, the Sawant government has been chastised by Goa Governor Satya Pal Malik for planning to construct a new Raj Bhavan.  The Governor has rejected the new Raj Bhavan plan citing the state’s financial crunch amidst the coronavirus crisis. Malik should also use his constitutional powers to put brakes on projects in eco-sensitive areas, which are being fast tracked by the government riding roughshod on public sentiments and their protests. The government has been taking advantage of the pandemic situation to push through double-laning of rail tracks; it has been alleged that the project aims at facilitating coal transportation to power stations in Karnataka. Malik will also do well to check the profligacy of the government in buying expensive cars for MLAs who are hell-bent on self-aggrandisement knowing well that they would face a humiliating defeat in the next assembly elections due to their betrayal of the electorate. The adamancy of the government came to the fore during the recent one-day monsoon session where legislative business was transacted, including the passage of the budget, without the presence of Opposition MLAs. At this critical juncture, where governments in other countries provide stimulus packages to industries for revival of their businesses and financial support to citizens to tide over the unprecedented crisis, our government is fleecing its citizens by raising taxes on petrol and diesel when the international crude prices have come down.


Swati’s Role In Mission To Mars

IT is noteworthy and proud moment for us that a Bengaluru-born scientist Swati Mohan played a key role in developing a less hazardous landing technology for a spacecraft launched by NASA’s Perseverance mission to Mars. This technology is developed to counter the ‘seven minutes of the terror’ phase during landing:  the spacecraft has to drop its speed from 12000 kmph to 0 within seven crucial minutes to achieve a smooth touchdown on the red planet. The success stories of Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and Swati Mohan at the NASA and many Indian women scientists at the ISRO will inspire and give wings to the dreams of millions of young girls in our country and play catalytic role in women empowerment.


KTC Bus Service Not On Track

THE coronavirus pandemic has made KTC bus services erratic. The intrastate buses services are not on track. People working at industrial units and other places are bearing the brunt of this sorry state of affairs. The KTC administration must run more buses at least every half an hour in mornings (from  8 am to 9 am) and evenings (from 5 to 8 pm)  to enable government staff, bank officials and industrial workers to reach their destinations on time as they work in those units that come under essential services. There was a proposal to rope in private buses to get around the problem. However, the plan has not materialised so far. Private buses, on the other hand, are allowing passengers to board the vehicles.  But the social-distancing norm is not followed in the private buses, putting passengers at COVID risk.