Reconstitution of women’s commission in the offing




The department of women and child development has forwarded a file to the state government for reconstitution of Goa State Commission for Women with Vidya Gaude as the new chairperson.

The post of chairman has been lying vacant since November 2019 after former chairperson Purti Patkar resigned from the post making the commission defunct.

The government had appointed Patkar as the new chairperson of the State Commission for Women in March 2019.

After Shubhalaxmi Naik resigned in March last year due to alleged lack of government support, the government reconstituted the commission with Purti Patkar as the head. But after holding office for seven months, she resigned from the post.

It’s more than nine months since Patkar demitted the office as chairperson making the commission headless as a result the pendency of cases relating to dowry harassment, marital dispute and domestic violence have gone up and still complaints keep pouring in.

The state women commission plays an important role in addressing complaints related to abuse and assault on women.

Most of the work has come to a standstill with no one at the helm. However the department after receiving advisory of the national commission for women started the process to fill up the vacant post of the chairperson.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Minister for Women and Child Development Vishwajit Rane informed that a notification is being moved to appoint a new chairperson for the commission and the board will also be reconstituted.