Persons with criminal record not to get licence to run liquor shops




The people with criminal record will not be issued licenses for running liquor shops in Goa henceforth as per the new amendment to the rules of Goa Excise Duty. 

The state government on Saturday issued notification amending the rules of Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964.

“No licence shall be granted to the applicant who is having any criminal record or criminal case registered against him under any law for the time being in force,” states the

Those with criminal records and convicted persons who already have liquor licenses in their names have been asked to transfer the licenses in the name of another person within 3 month’s

 The amendment also states that, no licence shall be granted to an applicant if the premise, in which he proposes to open a liquor shop, is situated within 100 metres distance from an educational institutions or place of worship.

Furthermore, license for wholesale as well as retail sale of liquor shall not be granted in the same premises.