Need to return to classrooms from online classes, says study


With schools and colleges conducting online classes, a recent study by Godrej Interio shows that, 78 per cent of children enjoy online learning and are happy because they get to be at home. According to the study, 75 per cent of children have reported to be communicating more with teachers via online class. 

The study however says that, the less desirable fallouts of online learning are that,

50 per cent of parents say that, their kids get distracted at home by their siblings or other family members. They are also affected by the incessant conversations and some other activities going on at home, which appear more interesting than studies. Further technical glitches are a bane of online lecture with 62 per cent of the children complaining about it. The study also found that 22 per cent of the students took online classes while seated on a bed, while about 14 per cent sat on the floor.

The study concludes that, while COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the academic year, as well as cancelled classes and examinations across the country there is a need to return to brick and mortar classrooms.

Anil Mathur, chief operating officer, Godrej Interio, said, “As the education system evolves across borders and education media, the responsibilities of teachers and parents also keep growing. The quantity of hours spent and the conditions under which students learn can lead to unfavorable consequences on the health. Reopening of schools is inevitable, the structure and design of educational institutions need to be set up keeping in mind all the precautionary measures and the health of children as well as teachers. Basis on these insights, we developed a guide for redesigning learning spaces which talks about the importance of incorporating the correct kind of balance while learning.”

Some of the suggestions made by the company are Split scheduling of classes with schools asked to call students on alternate days, smaller class size, change in classroom layouts, re-purpose unused spaces like library, sports rooms, etc.,