Saving Earth From Mass Destruction


It is a welcome relief to have India and China inching towards détente. The decision to stabilise the situation along the line of actual control on the India-China border areas bodes well for both the countries, as conflicts and confrontations are never the solution to any problem, especially in these times when besides the latest technology that has pervaded every aspect of modern warfare, various nations have had their own perceptions about how ‘hostile manoeuvres’ are to be taken into the enemy camps. Military engagements between countries are not merely restricted to reinforcing troop strength along the borders these days but are guided by various other considerations as well. With victory being the sole aim, nations are known to have adopted the most unconventional of methods to win wars. Hence the landmark treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, which represents the only binding commitment in a multilateral accord to the goal of disarmament by nuclear weapon states is rightly seen as efforts by the global powers to dispel fears of another nuclear ‘holocaust’ which could evidently be more devastating than the one that shocked the entire world 75 years back. But with many covertly reneging on the agreement, no country is believed to be completely safe from the intimidations of a nuclear retaliation by an unfriendly nation even today. Peace pacts are not being accorded the sort of commitment which could avert tensions between warring nations. Beset with territorial disputes, India, for instance, finds itself in a very peculiar position as regards maintaining cordial relations with many of its neighbours. And now more recently, the world is waking up to the threats from weapons of mass destruction being clandestinely produced by various countries. Nations, in their haste to gain global domination, do not seem to have compunctions about waging a nuclear, radiological, chemical or biological war to assert their might. The ‘viral warfare’ is only taking us a

step closer to it.