Reviving tourism in Goa



World Tourism Day is celebrated across the globe on September 27. Across borders and territories tourism helps sustain economies and the lives of its people. 

However in 2020, owing to the pandemic, tourism was brought to a standstill for a few months. Now with the ease in travel and the need to revive the economy, tourism activity has begun.

In Goa, time and again, stakeholders have been stressing on the need to take tourism off Goan shores to the hinterland, rural Goa – where there’s an abundance of culture, heritage, folklore that can interest tourists. 

The theme this year ‘Tourism and Rural Development’ is one that celebrates the unique time of tourism for it provides opportunities being urban limits and destinations to preserve culture and
natural heritage.

As tourists begin flocking to Goa being a preferred tourist destination, NT BUZZ celebrates this day with a few clicks selected by our