Sweet success


Joan Richa Luis from Carmona Zalor launched her own home baking venture called ‘Bakescape’ during the lockdown. NT BUZZ catches up with the budding entrepreneur


A foodie and a pastry enthusiast, Joan Richa Luis naturally turned to baking after being stuck at home during the lockdown. In an attempt to escape reality, she started practising and sharpening her baking skills that she picked up during her training at VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE). And when she started posting her baked creations online, she received a lot of social media attention which led her to launch a home-baking business. She aptly named her venture ‘Bakescape’ to emphasise “an escape through baking”.

A fresh graduate, Joan says that the faculty chefs helped her sharpen her skills through personalised training and an enriching internship at the Anantara Vilamoura Resort in Portugal which she describes as a ‘fantastic experience’. And this instilled confidence in her which is a prerequisite to starting a business.

As an outdoor person, being indoors was new to her. “I have always been a person who loved to be outdoors but due to the ongoing pandemic I was taken away from my normal routine. My family members and I sometimes feel trapped into the digital world as we all have to either work or study online. We’ve grown accustomed to that life now and are making it our new normal,” says Joan who resides in Carmona Zalor.

For now, she is quite comfortable being home and working on things she loves to do. Other than her business she loves working out at home and spending time trying and experimenting on healthy meals. “I’m proud of where I am right now and will continue to grow as a person and also grow my love and passion for baking,” says Joan adding that baking makes her happy and she is excited about starting this little venture and is keen to expand her business.

Among the many things she has learned from life in lockdown is that health is the most important. We should all work on having a healthy mind and body, she emphasises.

“Being a responsible citizen, maintaining social distancing and good hygiene, and practising safety measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 has made me more aware and alert. Also, it has taught me to be grateful for everything I have and to cherish every moment I get to spend with my loved ones because we never know when we would meet next and make memories again,” she adds.

And the things she misses the most from the pre-coronavirus days is being out with her friends, trying different food at various restaurants and eateries, roaming freely and meeting  her loved ones without the fear of spreading any disease.

She says: “I am grateful for whatever has led me to do and bring out my true potential. Without the valued lessons I’ve learned from VMSIIHE and the opportunities the institute provided me with, I would not be where I am today. I never would’ve planned on having my own business if I was not staying put at home. So this pandemic has helped me spread my wings and soar.”