Friday , 20 September 2019
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A Unifying Force


PUTTING aside the worries and tensions of the troubled times, the world is celebrating the game of football. With millions across the globe glued to their TV sets enjoying the greatest sporting spectacle on earth, the FIFA World Cup has presumably achieved what no summit meeting of nations has ever managed to accomplish. For a change, football has garnered all headlines with murky politics and hostilities between various nations taking a backseat. It is just that 90 minutes of exciting rivalry in the soccer stadia and the goals scored that have spurred the interest of enthusiasts. As one superstar after the other gracefully bows out of the tournament after the exit of their countries from the championships, it is time for new heroes to storm the world stage. The fans from the losing sides however bear the emerging stars no grudge and the manner in which they celebrate their achievements is indicative of the true spirit of sportsmanship that runs through the whole tournament. As hopes soar and dreams are shattered, the sense of camaraderie among fans from various nations will leave an everlasting impression in everyone’s mind well after the tournament is over. It is nevertheless a forlorn feeling that greets the world as the Russian sporting extravaganza draws to an end. With the riveting attention the championship of football has been receiving over the past one month, it is as if the game of football is that binding factor that has held the world together in an everlasting embrace of universal peace and brotherhood. If it is not so, the world would not have stood up as one to applaud the superlative feats of teams from tiny nations in the throes of economic disasters, who, forgetting all their hardships, manage to give a vent to their football aspirations by qualifying for the World Cup. How one wishes there were similar sporting events like the World Cup of football that could keep the world engrossed with the nuances of the game rather than have guns and bombs deciding the superiority of one nation over the other!


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