Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Ambelim squeeze into semis



Ambelim SC entered the semifinals of 22nd Our Lady of Merces Soccer defeating Navelim Villagers Union 6-4 via tie-breaker, at church grounds, Chinchinim on Saturday.

The teams played a 1-1 draw during the regulation time.

Rovan Pereira put Navelim Villagers Union into the lead in the 20th minute as he ran solo and after dodging the last defender slammed the ball past the bewildered Ambelim SC keeper Silva.

The match was then fought very keenly with both the teams matching each other well in all the departments of the

While Ambelim SC looked strong in the defence, the Navelim Villagers were exceptional in the midfield which worked hard to send defence-splitting passes in the upfront.

Velinton Silva and Presley Gomes along with Aulon Gomes always were on the prawl, looking out for opportunities to find the mark. But the strong Ambelim SC defence led by Desmond Fernandes kept the Navelim forwards at bay.

After some good exchanges at either end, Ambelim SC levelled the score through Samson Fernandes whose effort gave no chance at all to Navelim keeper Jeet Gupt.

As the teams were involved in a deadlock, the tie-breaker system had to be adopted to decide the winners wherein Ambelim SC proved to be better shooters, scoring accurately through Ralf Fernandes, B Fernandes, Ryan Fernandes, Desmond Fernandes and Premson Fernandes.

Navelim Villagers Union could find the mark only through C Lawrence, Travis Souza and Aulon Gomes.

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