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Borim VP to maintain register of persons staying in rented rooms

PONDA: Considering the rampant rise in people renting out their premises within the panchayat jurisdiction, the Borim Village Panchayat has resolved to maintain a register of people staying in rented premises in the village. A resolution was taken during the Borim gram sabha held on Sunday.

Landlords have been asked to register details of tenants and if they fail to do so, the Panchayat has decided to impose fine, informed Panch members. The landlords will also have to provide a copy of police verification form to the Village Panchayat.

The gram sabha has also decided that landlords who rent out their premises will have to pay a month’s rent to the panchayat, informed panchayat secretary Kapil Naik.

According to locals there has been a rampant rise in people renting out their premises, due to which people fear a rise in anti social activities.

The village panchayat has also resolved to clear all garbage dumps in the village. The panchayat has urged all building projects to set up their own garbage treatment plants.

The gram sabha was presided by sarpanch Bhavana Naik and was monitored by secretary Kapil Naik. All panch members were present during the gram sabha.

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