Saturday , 21 September 2019
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The Lessons For Police From Desecration Cases

SO far the Special Investigation Team of the Goa Police has arrested one person, the 50-year-old Francis Pereira from Curchorem, for the series of desecrations of crosses, graves and ghumtis. They have not ruled out involvement of others. Pereira has admitted to doing over 100 desecrations. It is surprising that he continued doing it despite police being on the alert …

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Cow Is Mother As Long As It Gives Milk

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has once again asked the states to take stringent action self-proclaimed cow protectors. Last year he described them as pseudo gau rakshaks, saying that they styled themselves as cow protectors during the day and resorted to criminal activities at night. His second warning has come in the wake of reports of lynching of several persons over …

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The Religion Of Indians Is Pluralism

The terrorists who killed seven Amarnath pilgrims on Monday stand defeated in their purpose: the large train of Hindu pilgrims has continued their journey to the cave shrine to worship the ice lingam. The terrorists also stand defeated in their purpose of earning applause from Kashmiri Muslims for their butchery of Hindus. The ordinary Kashmiri Muslims as well as the …

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Agricultural Reforms Should Help Farmers

Ajit Ranade India’s celebrated economic reforms of 1991 did lead to a substantial increase in economic growth, per-capita incomes, trade openness, stock of foreign exchange and deepening of the financial sector.

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Unravelling The Mystery Of Desecrations in Goa

There appears to be no end to desecrations of religious spots and graves in sight. The police appear to be groping in the darkness.  The Sunday night desecration of 45 holy crosses and plaques on the graves in the cemetery of the Guardian Angel Church,

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Integrating Muslim Youth With Education

A panel formed by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation, a central government-funded body, to study the educational status of the minorities has found Muslims to be ‘educationally the most disadvantaged community’ among the minorities. The panel, with former secretary Afzal Amanullah as convenor, has recommended a three-tier model of institutions – central schools, community colleges and national institutes – to …

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