Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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How Commodity Trading Works

What is commodity futures trading? How does it work? Who are the main players in a commodity trading market? Commodity futures trading is a well-known price risk management tool.

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Upping the ante on antiques

By Shoma Patnaik | B&C
A large number of old homes means that Goa is a good repository of antiques, although fresh supplies are drying up as owners recognise value.

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Smoking – It’s still a craze

By Michael Fisher | B&C
This is a true story of a journalist working in the Gulf, who made many attempts to give up smoking, and finally did so at the near cost of dying. The journalist, an editor of a magazine, attended a cigarette exhibition at the Dubai Convention Centre.

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Gambling with careers

The qualifications for a casino worker are: a smile, pleasing and polite personality and a smart look all the time. The profession needs basic education and above all prizes simple, but well-spoken English. Knowledge of additional vernacular languages are added assets.

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Is this for real? Going from 2.5 m tourists a year to 6 million

Call it what you want – real, imaginary or ambitious. The government is planning a big leap in tourist arrivals from 2.5 million to six million a year in five years. It has never been done before and though the industry is enthusiastic and the plan outlay hiked, is this a realistic target? Asks Shoma Patnaik

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ACGL: Building it strong

In 32 years, the Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd has steadily grown into a major bus body building unit with clients all over the country. As a consequence it has spawned ancillarisation in the Sattari taluka and opened up avenues for employment and entrepreneurship.

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Chef who dropped anchor in Cuncolim


Entrepreneurship – you either have it or you don’t. Mr Sanjay Fernandes, who started as a kitchen helper on a cruise liner, seems to have it in large-sized dollops. This resident of Cuncolim returned home from the ship, where he held a relatively good post as pastry chef not to start one business but five.

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What’s a holiday without some spice

As one travels away from the sun-kissed beaches into the remote hinterlands, there awaits another world which offers a perfect getaway -– cool climate, verdant surroundings and the aroma of spices.

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How a Mutual Fund Works

What are the parameters on which a Mutual Fund scheme should be evaluated?

Performance indicators like total returns given by the fund on different schemes, the returns on competing funds, the objective of the fund and the promoter’s image are some of the key factors to be considered while taking an investment decision regarding mutual funds.

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Designing it from the inside!


The outside of a house is for others to see. The inside is where you live, so it has to be better if not the best. Interior designing is an art and craft much in demand in a world where families want to live in peace, harmony and style.

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