Saturday , 21 September 2019
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TAG’s 2nd Popular Tiatr Festival

Day 3 

Goans wake up and smell the stink


‘Kednam Utt’ttolo’ a tiatr written and directed by Prince Jacob is all about the destruction of Goa’s environment and ecology courtesy mega projects.

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The pestal dance

Musall Khel literally means ‘the pestal dance’ is an annual feature in the quiet sleepy village of Chandor. It is a group dance performed exclusively by the Kshatriys Christians and is performed during the Carnival celebrations in the State.

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Connected to an Electronic Leash

By Perin Ilavia

There was a time when we had only one phone - a land line, government operated - and when the phone rang and you didn’t get to it in time you would be left wondering about who could’ve called and why.

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Play staged on the life of Mother Maria Clara

The management, staff and students of Mary Immaculate Girls’ high school staged the play ‘Walking in the Light’ at the Ravindra Bhavan recently. The play is based on the life of their founder, Mother Maria Clara of the child Jesus.

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Songs of romance

A romantic at heart, Amul Mainkar belives that love songs will always be bestsellers. Working round the clock on his soon to be released album ‘Infatuation’, Amul has decided to give young talent a chance to feature in his album. The Navhind times finds out how…


 Amul Mainkar believes in wearing his heart on his sleeves. Be it in the presence of a spring, a waterfall, rainfall, fields or any landscapes or even in solitude, he finds himself connected to his love- music.

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Alien Invasion, Again

Film: Battle: Los Angeles, Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Michell Rodriguez, Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman, Duration: 115 Minutes, Rating: * * *

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Film Review by Sachin Chatte

Quite a Punch
Film: The Fighter, Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, Directed by: David O Russell, Duration: 110 mins, Rating: * * * 1 / 2

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TAG’s 2nd Popular Tiatr Festival-Day 2

“Pisollem” a hilarious comedy written and directed by John D’Silva was performed to a packed house at the DMK auditorium recently at the 2nd Popular Tiatr Festival organised by the Tiatr Academy Goa in collaboration with the Kala Academy.

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A peep into Malaysian kitchen

“It’s important to begin a search on a full stomach.” So had written
Henry Bromell, an American author, screenwriter, and director in one of his productions. The search for authentic Malaysian food in the city  should however, start on an empty stomach, and end at the Hotel
Fidalgo, which is holding the Malaysian Food Festival for the next 10 days.

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After the Break-up

It is generally taken for granted that after a divorce there is bitterness and hostility and couples are careful not to bump into each other.

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