Friday , 20 September 2019
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The Impregnable Fortress

By M J Raju

The three-million-square-kilometre area of India with 5000 years of history is strewn with thousands of fortresses, each with its own right to fame. When it comes to the famous Red Fort of Delhi, it is the place, where successive empires of India have given way to a Republican India.

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Food Heritage of Goa’s Chavath

By Prajal Sakhardande

The Lord of Ecology, Lord of knowledge, Ganesh is in our homes. The joint family system is back, albeit for a few day, till Lord Ganesh is with us. The past is recreated in these days. Traditional utensils, traditional clothes and traditional ways of serving and eating food on the banana leaf or the patravall.

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The Lost ‘Golden Hour’ Lessons In Emergency Response

By Geeta Seshu

Ariveting photograph of the bomb blasts that shook Mumbai recently was of bloodied victims being transported in a tempo to the nearest hospital - a telling comment on the state of emergency care in a city that has been facing major attacks every few years and, given its very large population, scores of minor emergencies daily.

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National Interest is the Need of the Hour

By Tomazinho Cardozo

India is a multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual country. This diversity, although the strength of the democracy, often creates difficulties in the smooth functioning of democracy. In fact we experienced such troubles much before earned Independence. The deep rooted caste system also poses hurdles in the path of democracy.

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From Stagnation to Stillness

By Sadhguru

Stagnation is a disease. It is anti-life. Stillness is a tremendous amount of life not manifesting itself in any way. It is just there – potent. That is God. God is stillness, not stagnation. The mind is stagnation.

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The Wonder Fruits

Ganesh chaturthi celebrations are in progress and besides the typical sweets one can also sample the different types of fruits. Fruits in general are highly nutritious and many have medicinal values as well. One of the commonest fruits used during this season is banana.

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The Pythagorean Ant

By Josekutty Mathew Ovelil

Years ago there was a colony of tiny ants which lived very comfortably high up on the corner of the refectory of a boarding school in the city. They led a happy life as they used to get plenty of food and water from the refectory. As they did not need to go far away in search of food, they had a lot of free time.

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Understanding Rushdie

I remain an admirer of Rushdie and have read all his other books of fiction. The only one which disappointed me was the ‘Enchantress of Florence’. It was not up to his standard

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Strolling Through Davos

By Shel Horowitz

It’s funny how much Davos Dorf (Davos Village), the northern half of Davos, Switzerland, reminds me of Ouray, Colorado. Not just the very similarly shaped and very tall mountains towering over the town centre,

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Music Mania with DJ Bonny

DJ Bonny has been part of the music world for the last seven years. Having started his career as a DJ for Formula 1 in Bahrain, today he is established in his field. Cedric Silveira caught up with DJ Bonny

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