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CII Digitizing India Summit

Digital transformation is present all across the sectors these days. A vehicle registration which would take 79 days on an average a few years earlier gets done in just a day today.  It also has the potential to solve some of India’s more serious problems like shortage of quality healthcare and education in rural areas.

The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) organised Digitizing India Summit 2019 in Mumbai recently. “Globally the digital sector is expected to create 133 million new jobs in the next three years,” said, Dr Guy Diedrich, vice president and global innovation officer, Cisco Systems. He said that, digitalization would  be reducing 75 million old jobs but 133 million jobs in new sectors such as data analytics and cyber security would be created.

According to Diedrich, digital transformation helps in connecting the unconnected and in the process changing the lives of the underprivileged.

“We had under taken a project at Palghar, Maharashtra, which was unconnected to the rest of the world. By connecting them, you open up endless opportunities for quality healthcare and education, “ said Diedrich, key speaker at summit.

“India is the world’s second largest digital adopter after Indonesia. Though we face a shortage of 500000 doctors,  a patient even in rural corner of India can  be given quality telemedicine today thus ensuring his longevity, “ said Anil Nair, chairman, CII Digitizing India Summit.

He added that digital transformation can also be the solution to farmer deaths. “With the use of technology like drones we can capture data on soil and assist in holistic farming.  In the field of education too, with India facing a shortage of one million teachers. A student in a rural school can be provided with quality education through remote teaching,” Nair informed.

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