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Meeting of Cuncolim Municipal Council underway

Cuncolim civic body demands ‘removal’ of CO


Seven ruling councillors of Cuncolim Municipal Council (CMC) want the removal of the chief officer Pandarinath Naik and have served a 15-day deadline for his removal or transfer amidst walkout from the five opposition councillors from the body meeting held on Monday.
The council decided to submit a memorandum to the DMA demanding the immediate transfer of the chief officer on grounds of not co-operating with the elected representatives, financial misappropriation, failure to bring about discipline in the administration of the municipal council among others in the three-page resolution. The council warned that if the DMA fails to transfer the chief officer, they would bring to a halt the total functioning of the municipal council and even go on a hunger strike.
Earlier in the day, the meeting which was scheduled to start in the morning was adjourned to the post-lunch session upon request from opposition councillor of non-availability of councillor Ashok Fadte over some court case. However, when the council meeting was convened in the afternoon, the chief officer failed to turn up while the five opposition councillors including Paulita Carneiro, Ashok Fadte, Videsh Dessai, Kiran Naik and Premdeep Dessai staged a walkout on the grounds that the minutes were not circulated to them.
CMC chairperson Lavita Mascarenhas however later clarified that the allegations were baseless as the minutes were circulated to them and if they had any grievance they would have raised it earlier but did not. She said that even the meeting was rescheduled to accommodate the councillor who had a court case.
The council meeting however continued and decided to get cracking on illegal boards and hoardings put up in the municipal area. It was brought to the notice of the chair that there are around 500 illegal boards across Cuncolim which has resulted in a loss of revenue of over Rs 50,000 to the council.
Further it also took stock of the garbage collection and segregation at the garbage treatment plant and the council expressed concern over poor segregation being carried out despite deploying staff for garbage segregation. It was informed to the members that the garbage treatment plant is presently not functioning as there is a technical problem with the machinery besides there sufficient wet garbage is not generated.
Further the council also decided to regularise three illegal structures by imposing fines upon the defaulters, however one of the complainant, who was present for the meeting, raised strong objection on the grounds that there are violations in the sanad conversion and so the decision of the council is illegal.
Further it was also decided to carry out a survey of all the illegal structures in the municipal council. CMC vice-chairperson Mario Moreas said they would be verifying those houses which do not have house number based on the electoral rolls which will help the council zero down on the illegal houses. He said that once identified, they would either be regularised or demolished if they do not fit in the purview of law.

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