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Don’t Make Margao A Dump Yard Of Old Vehicles


THE sight of many scrapped vehicles, including broken-down garbage compactors kept at old market on land belonging to the Margao municipal council, is indeed an eyesore that has been doting the city landscape for many years now. One is horrified at the callousness of the civic authorities who think nothing of requisitioning new vehicles periodically only to have them lying idle in the long run, finally to be condemned. After all, it is public money that is being squandered, and at a time when lack of funds is seriously affecting the functioning of the council. Frugality, for that matter, has never been a virtue with our city fathers, and even if it has been attempted it has been with the ‘associated’ fanfare that greets such measures. The present chairperson may be justified in claiming that it is a legacy she has inherited from the earlier council, but the fact remains that nothing concrete appears to be happening with regards to curtailing any further imprudent expenditures, as was evident by the manner of purchase of a brand new vehicle for the MMC chief immediately on assuming office without any legal backing or provision. Finally, the solution that came from the Fatorda legislator then was in keeping with the spirit of ethics in politics which deems that members in a representative democracy are not elected to enjoy on government coffers. All along when it is being established more than obviously that a life in politics gives the elected members privy to public benefits, some leaders stand out in public life with actions that belittle the avaricious mentality of their ‘brethren’. With the MMC finally auctioning the scrapped vehicles, let us assume that the cluttering the limited space at the disposal of the civic body at old market with condemned vehicles will never again become a matter of public concern! Earlier, a substantial area at the old city bus stand outside the Margao police station virtually resembled an automobile salvage yard with accident and scrap vehicles dumped in the premises.


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