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Escape bid by drug accused foiled


An escape bid by Sarfaraz Shaikh from police custody, arrested in a case, while being taken for medical examination at the district hospital, was foiled by the alert Mapusa police team. The incident occurred on Tuesday night.
According to Mapusa police, the anti-narcotic cell had arrested Shaikh a month back in a NDPS case after he was found with 1 kg ganja. He had managed to escape from the ANC police custody while he was being taken to court in Mapusa.
In this regard, the ANC PI had filed a complaint against the alleged accused for escaping from the custody and Mapusa police had registered the offence. After escaping, the alleged accused had moved an anticipatory bail which was dismissed on Monday.
Meanwhile, on Monday an accident was reported wherein a pedestrian was injured. In the case, Mapusa police had called Shaikh after suspecting his link to
the mishap.
Later police arrested him on the complaint of ANC. After the arrest, he was sent for medical examination at North Goa district hospital at Peddem. It is during this time, Sarfaraz allegedly shoved the policemen who were escorting him and tried to escape. However, his escape bid was foiled by the alert escort police team. He was arrested within the hospital premises.
On Wednesday, the Mapusa JMFC sent Shaikh to 14-day judicial custody in the NDPS case.

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