Getting fashionable with Verma and The Navhind Times

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The Style Workshop organised by The Navhind Times’ Planet J was held on December 6 at Dempo House, Panaji. Sixty seven students between ages 16 to 26 participated in the half-day workshop conducted by designer Verma D’Mello. The workshop aimed at helping participants develop their own personal style also gave tips on how to accentuate strengths and camouflage faults while dressing.

The workshop commenced with an introduction by Verma. The presentation was very informative and she explained the difference between dressing and styling. She stressed on the need for originality and being comfortable with one’s self. “To be comfortable with your body is important not just for dressing right but also for self presentation,” she said, “Do not pretend to be any one else beside yourself.”

Other topics she covered were styling, accessorising, fashion disasters, fashion etiquette, importance and significance of various colours, fashion as a career, various fields in the fashion industry, communication, presentation and more.

Verma also conducted a session wherein she played with fabrics to demonstrate how one should dress according to their body type. Posture was another topic she covered and said, “Without the right posture the best garments will fall short in creating that impact that you want.”

The interactive and informative workshop ended with a question-answer session and certificates being handed out by Verma.

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