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     Maria Fernandes|NT KURIOCITY

Planet J organised a workshop on body language on August 28 at Dempo House, Panaji. Open to the age group of 16 years to 23 years, the workshop aimed at giving participants important tips on body language, first impressions, answering an interview, besides other related topics. Hundred and twenty one youngsters along with a few parents participated in the half-day workshop conducted by certified behaviour analyst and founder of, Kanan Tandi.


“Body language is not a single topic; it is vast and covers many areas,” said Kanan as she commenced the workshop. “Broadly speaking it includes kinesics (gestures and postures), proxemics (how to use space) and haptics (using touch to interact).” Explaining each of these with examples and role plays, she had participants hooked right from the word go! Not only were they extremely receptive to her inputs but also eagerly absorbed all that was said and demonstrated.


Speaking on haptics, Kanan explained the areas where it was appropriate to touch men and women and the areas which were not acceptable. “Our head plays a very important role in haptics, we don’t let anybody touch our head, not because it may spoil our hairdo but because without knowing it we consider the head as a very private area. We allow only our mothers or someone very close to us to touch it,” she said.



On the topic of public speaking, Kanan firstly stressed on the importance of one-to-one conversation and said: “If you want to improve your public speaking skills it is imperative that you first learn how to speak spontaneously. The more you practice this, the better the transition when you speak in front of an audience.” She then spoke about how to connect with people and make a good impression.




Demonstrating different looks, smiles and handshakes she also gave practical tips on how to be memorable and likeable. All the topics covered in the workshop were based on scientific research and findings.



Students and parents alike had a great time as they participated in the role plays, games and demonstrations. It was a truly learning experience for those present with a whole load of entertainment thrown in.


The workshop ended with Kanan presenting certificates of participation.



It was an awesome workshop and very well organised. I learned a lot.

Atul Shinde, PUPIT Engineering College, Sangli


It was a very helpful workshop.

Samiksha Gawas, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar


The workshop was very enjoyable and I got to learn a lot.

Febal Vales, Vidya Prabodhini Colloege, Porvorim


The demonstration and explanation was well done. An informatiove workshop.

Muriel D’Souza, Our Lady of the Rosary, Dona Paula


I loved the workshop as I learned so much and enjoyed myself.

Shweta Kumari, S S Dempo College, Miramar


It was an excellent and fruitful experience and I personally learned something new. Hope to attend many more Planet J workshops.

Kevin Miranda, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa


I enjoyed a lot and learned even more. It was awesome!

Joanita Lucas, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar


A very helpful workshop. Please call me for the next workshop as well.

Mamtha Mallik, Santa Cruz HSS, Santacruz

It was a mind-blowing workshop and would like to request Navhind Times to carry forward this trend.

Vandit Naik, Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna


The workshop was wonderful. I hope Planet J organizes one on martial arts.

Mahtab Khan, Vidya Prabodhini Colloege, Porvorim


The workshop helped me learn how to use the right body language. It was very interesting. Thanks a lot.

Ishani Sahakar, Institute of Nursing, Bambolim


The workshop will surely help me in my day-to-day life and the future as well.

Priyanka Parab, Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna


It was an awesome workshop and I didn’t realise how time flew by. I hope the next workshop is on preparing pasta.

Siya Wadji, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna


It was not just worthwhile but also very entertaining. Thank you for arranging such a wonderful workshop.

Tanvi Siddhaye, Vidya Prabodhini Colloege, Porvorim


Thank you for the interesting workshop. I learnt new things.

Ageema Nazare, Our Lady of the Rosary, Dona Paula


It was a one of a kind of workshop and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Indu Parab, Ganpat Parsekar College of Education, Pernem


I enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Saniya Rankale, Vidya Prabodhini Colloege, Porvorim


The workshop was awesome and I hope to attend many more.

Sneha Mandrekar, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar


It was a lovely and educative workshop. Thank you.

Ann Merin Dominic, Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho


I will now be more conscious of my body language and how I use it. Thank you.

Saee Chodankar, Dempo College, Miramar

The best time of my vacation. Laughed after a long long time. It was simply great.

Cedric Pinto, chef on Italian cruise line


It was an excellent, entertaining and educative workshop.

Amber Lime, Don Bosco HSS, Panaji


Now that I know how to read some body language, I am not going to be fooled by false expressions. A great and helpful workshop. Thanks Kanan and Navhind Times.

Tanmaya Angane, DMC College, Assagao


Throughout the workshop Kanan kept us interested using jokes and activities. It was superb!

Devashri Kamat, People’s HSS, Panaji


It was a really informative and interesting workshop.

Grahesh Raiker, VTU, Belgaum


The workshop has helped me to understand not only myself but even others better. Thanks Kanan and Planet J.

Shreya Thampy, Deep Vihar, HSS, Vasco


I liked the workshop very much.

Tejaswi Kandolkar, Santacruz HSS, Santacruz


It was an amazing workshop.

Jayanti, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar


Thank you for organizing such a wonderful and interactive workshop. The speaker was amazing.

Soniya Dessai, Goa University


It was really an amazing workshop. I have now learnt how to use the appropriate body language while interacting with people.

Archana Mahajik, Institute of Nursing, Bambolim


Thank you Planet J and Kanan for such an inspiring workshop.

Mrunal Mashelkar, Fr Agnel’s College, Pilar


A good workshop by Planet J and Kanan. Looking forward to many more of such workshops in soft skills to develop the personality of children.

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