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Maria Fernandes | NT

The Navhind Times Zest workshop on ‘Wedding and party planning’ was held on December 4 at Dempo House, Panaji. Conducted by certified wedding planner and entrepreneur, Lester Melo, the half-day workshop aimed at sharing tips with participants about planning an event right from choosing the venue to caterers, decor and more. The workshop was an attractive mix of learning and fun with participants’ creativity shining through in the practical session.

The workshop commenced with an introduction by Melo on the basic principles of event management and the various types of events and then moved on to professional and personal event planning. Through a powerpoint presentation, he explained the step-by-step approached that has to be adopted while planning an event. Venue, guest list, caterers, entertainers, accommodation and various other topics were discussed. Explaining the basics of planning an event, he recommended that everything should be written down and said: “Every conversation, comment, thought, idea, everything should be jotted down. This way you can then decide what is required and what is not. Once you have taken into consideration all the factors, streamlining your planning becomes easier. Remember it is imperative that there should be attention not just to detail but to the tiniest details. Nothing should be taken as unimportant because it is often the small things that make an occasion memorable.”

The importance of a timeline was expounded on and participants were shown how the gent charts and Tony Buzan’s mind-mapping were good tools in ensuring everything was taken into consideration and planned accordingly. Participants were then asked to make their own mind maps using coloured pencils, drawings, different shapes, etc. “For me Buzan’s mind-mapping works but you can use whatever you are comfortable with. What matters is it works and you remember the points you have jotted down,” he said.

In the next session participants were divided into groups and mock meetings were held between representatives from each group. The first meeting was between the wedding party and the event planners. Melo guided participants through the process of meeting with an event planner and the questions each side should be asking. “Most people go to an event planner and tell them what they require and after that the budget is discussed. Very rarely do people first discuss their budget. A wedding is a dream for most and they want to materialise that dream; so once they know how much it costs, they can work backwards and cut costs accordingly,” he said.

After the mock meetings, the groups were then given an assignment of making an 8 feet X 6 feet backdrop with props and materials supplied by Melo. It was fun and exciting to see each group doing their best to come up with the most creative backdrop.

The next workshop under the Zest banner is scheduled for March but before that the next Planet J workshop for youth on hair care will be held on December 18.

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