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Maria Fernandes | NT

With an aim to introduce Goans to the new age and innovative entrepreneurial opportunities in image consulting, The Navhind Times Zest workshop, ‘Become an entrepreneur, Become an Image Consultant,’ was held on March 19. The three-hour workshop conducted by India’s senior most image consultant, Suman Agarwal was open to those above the age of 18 and was held at Dempo House in Panaji.

The workshop which was attended by students, business men and women, doctors, photographers, corporate trainers, teachers and others commenced with an introduction by Agarwal on entrepreneurship and its features. Through her personal journey as an employee in the aviation industry to being a successful entrepreneur; she highlighted the benefits of entrepreneurship. “After working for fourteen years in the aviation and then education sector, I realised I wanted a change. I wanted more in terms of quality of life and with my previous job it was not possible. I then decided it was time to quit and do something that would give me satisfaction, monetary benefit and more time with my family,” she said.

Speaking about the different types of entrepreneurship, she called attention to what each required and its pros and cons. She then spoke about being an entrepreneur in the business of image consultancy and said: “Before I began my business, I did intensive research for a year before I decided to take the plunge. To start your own business it is extremely important to do a need analysis which will give you an idea of what people want and what the market is like. Risks are part and parcel of entrepreneurship but knowing what they are and having a backup plan is also very much needed.”

Image consultancy she reiterated is an industry which is booming and can be a gold mine of opportunities with the right training, skill set and passion. “Due to its low investment and great returns, many are taking to it. Also with the government of India promoting skill development in all aspects mainly soft skills the image management industry is growing exponentially,” she said.


The workshop covered all aspects of image consultancy and the rewarding benefits of becoming your own boss. Citing examples of some successful image consultants, she explained what it involved and the different segments of the market where it was applicable. “Image Consulting is one of the most successful concepts of this decade and many decades to come,” she said.

Encouraging and motivating the entrepreneur within all present, especially women, she said: “Women benefit from this profession the most as this is a self-employment opportunity to help others through their appearance management and soft skills. Many women have started realising that a point comes in their life when they need to decide between work and family/ home. Eventually home takes the back seat when they realise the various lucrative opportunities available to them. Investing on up-skilling never goes waste and it always pays by giving a sense of security and confidence.”

The workshop was well accepted and everyone had a great takeaway in some form or the other.



A very informative session. Got really good information about a new concept.

Anjana Amonkar, homemaker

An insightful workshop and I really like it.

Devashri Kamat, service

The workshop helped boost my confidence in taking the right decision.

Asilda Vaz, student, Don Bosco College of Agriculture

The workshop was like a light that will now lead me on in life. I am really grateful to The Navhind Times for this opportunity and it was a pleasure as always to come to Dempo House for a workshop.

Shiva Mandre, self employed

Very motivation and self-enriching learning experience. It offered an insight into one’s self and a focus towards the future.

Godelive Rodrigues e Gomes

It was a good talk and helped me understand the ideal way to handle business.

Manika Phalgaonkar, business

Thanks for the very helpful workshop.

Yogesh Ingle, business

There should have been more clarity in what image consultancy is about. Overall understood the importance of image consultancy.

Sergio Fernandes, Don Bosco College of Agriculture

It was an informative, motivating and encouraging workshop.

Jyoti H, Fr Agnel College of Arts and Commerce

The workshop should have been more about development and interpersonal skills.

Llewelyn Lopes, service

The session wasn’t great; it was okay. I did not get a clear picture.

Queenie Lopes, service

Absolutely wonderful workshop. It was well presented and motivated me a lot.

Inica Fernandes, student

An immensely enlightening workshop. Very informative.

Arti Nagvekar, self-employed

Thank you Navhind Times for a good and interesting workshop.

Shruti de Araujo, homemaker and child researcher

Thanks Suman and Zest for the impressive workshop.

KV Reddy, service

An excellent workshop. Keep it up Navhind Times.

Vijaykumar Talaulikar, service

The session was absolutely wonderful and opened my eyes to the opportunities available.

Nazareth Fernandes, service

It was interesting and motivating.

Prethi Pereira, counsellor

Refreshing and a new innovative career prospect for Goans.

Ram Naik, service

It was an amazing workshop and I got to learn something new and worthwhile.

Afshan Sayed, teacher

I am now motivated towards self employment and living a stress-free life. A good step towards achieving life goals.

Dattaprasad Naik, photographer

I am now motivated to follow my dreams. Thanks Navhind Times.

Sonam Korgaonkar, make-up artist

Enriching workshop.

Beethoven Fonseca, manager social service

Great workshop from which I learnt the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Gayatri Gawas, Don Bosco College of Agriculture

It was great knowing about the field.

Sharmila Menon, teacher

Interesting, innovative and surely today’s language.

Rajan Mahatme

The workshop was like a torch in the dark. It showed the way that I was looking for. Feel inspired.

Joemy Barnett, bridal designer

Thank you for the workshop. I leant a lot.

Prafulla Parmar, service

It was an interesting workshop and will be very useful to me in following dreams.

Vrundan Parab, Don Bosco College of Agriculture

Navhind Times should have more than one workshop a month and for adults too.

Komal Naik, service

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