Managing stress through Satya meditation

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Maria Fernandes | NT

On January 13, The Navhind Times organised a meditation workshop titled, ‘Stress management through Satya Meditation’ at Dempo House, Panaji. The resource person was Villy Doctor, a leading luminary in the field of meditation and founder of Mumbai-based Satyavati Spiritual Foundation.

At the workshop, Doctor (also fondly called Ma), helped the audience understand the concept of stress. “Any anxiety or tension which results in the resources of a person being taxed is stress,” she said. “Stress is thus, any pressure upon our human resilience. There are two kinds of stress – positive and negative. Positive stress, ‘Eustress’ enhances your performance – it is required for success. ‘Distress’, negative stress is undesirable and results in deviant behaviour,” she added.

She then elaborated on the responses to stress, namely physical, emotional and cognitive responses. “Physically, we respond by perspiration, trembling, changes in heart-rate, pain, sickness, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Emotionally, we experience depression, anxiety and irritation. Cognitively, we worry, forget, lose focus, make bad decisions or have a negative outlook. Our behaviour may change – eating too much or losing appetite, being lazy or overactive, nail biting, fidgeting, etc,” she explained.

She then spoke about the importance and benefits of meditation and presented the all-powerful technique of Satya Meditation to help alleviate stress.

“We are each essentially energy systems – we have a powerful mechanism within us to awaken our true self. Satya meditation is an inward journey with a well-defined scientific process. It awakens the  important nerve centres, which have wondrous qualities within each of them. When these ‘chakras’ are awakened, this creates empowerment of the individual,” she said.

She then explained how the technique works and added: “The Satya meditation involves raising the energy that resides at the base of our spine through our subtle nervous system. When our energy joins with the universal energy, we spontaneously meditate. Meditation is a state of consciousness where there are no thoughts.”

Participants then practised the technique of Satya Meditation and were guided by Doctor and her volunteers. At the conclusion, they shared their experiences and admitted they were feeling rested, calm and rejuvenated.

Doctor appealed to all participants to practice the meditation daily for positive results.



Indeed a spiritual awakening! Thanks to the organisers.

Fatima Shaikh


A wonderful experience, one which I have to share with others. Feeling de-stressed already. Thank you Navhind Times.

Lou Barneto


Had a lovely day with Ma and a wonderful experience.

Yuwati Malwankar


Happy to be at Dempo House every month. It was a nice workshop.



The session was a great journey. I learned self-realisation and self-cleansing in a simple and easy process.

Happy Saha


I am really feeling so great. It has been a wonderful experience Ma. Thank you so much. God bless.

Ida Fonseca


Very nice of Navhind Times to organise this session with Villy Ma. Thanks a lot.

Bina Ghotgalkar


Meditation now seems achievable and so simple. It is not something only yogis can do. Now, “I can too!” Very beneficial and surely an everyday habit to be formed.

Pearl da Costa


The workshop was very beneficial. Especially for women, as a working person, mother, house manager, there is so much stress created every day. In a situation like this, stress management is really helpful.

Seema Salgaonkar


This workshop was truly a date with one’s self. Very informative and simple to learn to achieve inner peace and happiness. Thank you.

Sapna Mahambre


Very educational however went beyond the expected time. Other than that it was perfect. Thank you Ma.

Mihir Borkar


I learnt to introspect, be within myself and enjoyed it. Thank you Ma.

Advait Mudras


Very interesting and thrilling. Learnt a lot.

Manisha Sapre


Excellent as always. Looking forward to the next one. So well organised and informative. Best wishes.

Anjali Kelling


I experienced amazing feelings throughout the workshop. It gave me peace and courage to be positive in my day to day routine.

Vaishali Fernandes


Although I have many techniques of meditation, Satya meditation did seem a more complete and better way to get there.

John Eric Gomes


Very good session.

Sumit Mhambrey


My stress is gone and I feel happy.

Megh Rivonkar


Excellent session; will help lead a peaceful life.

Joseph Vaz

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