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Filipe for law to regulate fishing industry



Fisheries Minister Filipe Nery Rodrigues on Friday said that the middle men, who are involved in fishing business, henceforth, will have to register with the department.

Replying on demand, the Minister admitted that there are huge irregularities going on in the fishing sector due to which fish is reaching Goans at higher prices. 

“At present there is no proper mechanism to check how much fish is being caught and at what prices it is being sold in the market. It is a fact that there are middlemen in this business and they are not registered with the department. Hence, we will make it mandatory for them to register with the department,” he added.

“It is high time to amend Goa Daman and Diu Marine Regulation Act 1980 under which the department is governed. Since existing act is very old it becomes difficult for the department to handle issues in the sector. I will also see that the government comes out with a new legislation to regulate fishing activity in the state,” he added.

Rodrigues said that he will consult the Chief Minister to streamline fishing trade and work out mechanism involving modern technology to regulate fishing activity and bring down fish prices.

He also proposed to procure additional patrolling boats and ensured that necessary steps will be taken to see that fishing boats venturing into the sea are well equipped with technology.

The government will also consider setting up fishing outlets across the state to make fish available at affordable prices, the Minister said, adding that, the government is working for doubling of the income of fishermen under blue revolution initiative of the central government.

“I have also directed the Chief Secretary and the secretary of fisheries to take up dredging of river Sal mouth at Cutbona immediately,” he said, and added that direction will be issued to the department to study the proposal of constructing a fishing harbour at Cabo, Dona Paula.

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