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‘Laadli Laxmi’ applicants from Nuvem grappling in the dark

MARGAO: With the department of Women and Child Development (WCD) having signed an agreement with the Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) over processing of Laadli Laxmi scheme applications, applicants from Nuvem constituency of Salcete have expressed anguish as they claim that the concerned department  has failed to keep them updated on status of the applications.

The state government had introduced the scheme on April 1, 2012. The government gives rupees one lakh for the bride as financial aid for marriage. The girl, who completes 18 years of age, is eligible for the scheme. The girl has to apply for the scheme within one year from attaining the age of 18 years and within one year from marriage.

According to official information, there were 242 applications submitted to the department for availing of the scheme till this mid-July from Nuvem constituency. However, as many as 132 are applications are  left as ‘incomplete’ for want of requisite documents, while 92 applications are pending for sanction and  14 are pending before the scrutiny committee.

“The department of Women and Child Development (WCD) has not even informed the applicants whether documents submitted for the Laadli Laxmi scheme are incomplete or the applications rejected. The applicants should have been informed if more documents were required,” said Nuvem MLA Wilfred D’Sa.

“I will personally help those who can resubmit the documents for availing of the scheme. I do not know why the authorities are acting in this manner,” the MLA lamented. Former MLA Francisco Xavier Pacheco alleged that the government has ‘blocked’ several applications from Nuvem constituency.

Director of the department Deepak Desai, when contacted, said the scheme is being handled by GEL while the department releases the money.  “GEL has a system in place. It scrutinises applications and if any application is found incorrect, it is rejected,” Dessai added.

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