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Preventive Steps for Sand Erosion at Beaches
Of late a lot of activity has been witnessed at the Baina beach in Vasco in the past few days as hutments close the beach-front were razed down by the authorities in order to save the people and their dwellings from the massive sand erosion that is taking place at the beach. The question to be asked is whether simultaneously any steps are being taken by the government to arrest the sand erosion that is taking at the beach on such a large scale. It must be said that in the past few years the state has been losing large chunks of land to the sea as a result of sand erosion which have been taking place at the various beaches in the state. While tripods have been used to arrest the sand erosion at the other beaches no such step seems forthcoming from the government to stop the sand erosion at the Baina beach. The local MLA needs to impress upon the government to use tripods at the Baina beach to save the beach from further erosion or a time may come when the beautiful Baina beach will no longer exist just as has been the case with the Khariawado beach which is also situated in Vasco.
Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Dying With Dignity
The Supreme court’s decision to open up euthanasia for debate will be welcomed by many who feel that if it is their right to live with dignity, it is all their right to terminate it at will and with dignity. Such a misplaced sense of dying with dignity arises out of a conviction that human life has value to the extent that it remains productive , after which a person becomes useless and a burden to others. Ending a person’s life without suffering in such circumstances therefore seems to be the only answer for such a miserable existence. It is ironical that doctors under the Hippocratic oath to heal and save life should now be pressing for legislation to end a person’s life in the name of ‘mercy killing’, leading to what has been described as the ‘culture of death’. True compassion is all about sharing in another’s pain and suffering and keeping the terminally ill patient happy, cheerful and free of suffering, till death, as practised in all hospices—-not killing the patient. Human life is sacred and we need to protect and look after it well, as recipients, and not owners of this gift of the creator, keeping also in mind that human dignity does not diminish even in the vegetative state.
A F NAZARETH, Porvorim

Genocide by Israel
It is a shameful act on the part of Israel to have launched a military offensive on Gaza which already claimed 208 lives through Ariel bombing on the cities of Palestine civilization killing innocent women and children and damaging millions worth property. When there is a war like situation in the world America is the first country to intervene as we have seen during when Gulf War. After a decade America again decided to launch an military offense on Iraq on the bases of “lies” to the world that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and when nothing was found; it only thus exposed the lies of America and his allies .When they had no answer America finally accepted it was an Intelligence failure which caused the lives of thousands of Iraqis people mostly women and children. Who should be accountable for this disaster and why not the guilty be punished? Israel illegally invaded Palestine and continues to invade with military power on poor Palestinian land and on the bases of hunting down Hamas militant, killing innocent civilians and the whole world is watching silently like a mute spectator. I want to ask where the so called international forces like UN are?

Have a Relook At All Archaic Law
A couple of years ago the Delhi High Court had struck down section 377 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), thereby decriminalising consensual sex between consenting adults that had given a big boost to the rights of LGBT group, which was acclaimed by many particularly the human rights activists as a step in the right direction. The ruling Congress government of that time was not averse to the High Court verdict. The judgement however was challenged by some Christian and Muslim groups who cannot see things beyond what is stipulated in their revered books. Worse still, even some of the BJP leaders with the RSS roots ingrained in them, expressed their displeasure on the ruling and the then BJP President even articulated that gay sex was unnatural. When the matter came up in the apex court it subverted the HC ruling and upheld the criminalization of section 377, much to the ire of the affected community and the social activists. Interestingly, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has made a bold statement, that the rights of gays like everyone else should be protected. The fact to be understood is, the affected group is a miniscule community and what they are doing does not infringe on the rights of others for nothing is forced on anyone. The majority community is dictating their terms on them focussing their arguments on scriptures which stresses only on the union of man and woman, relying on the fictitious theory of creation, which stipulates that since the beginning of time man and woman were created. Another issue that finds ingrained in such turmoil is the debate on euthanasia, passive or active as it may be. Sadly, the Attorney General of India has likened it to abetment to suicide. Is this not preposterous? No one is justifying suicide, in fact we deride it as an act of cowardice for one has to fight out and try and find a solution to the problem instead of resorting to suicide. But consider a medical case of a person with a terminal illness, with absolutely no chance of recovery and is reduced to a vegetative state. Is it in any way justified to let him and his onlookers suffer the pain and agony endlessly? These are complex issues and beyond the purview of judiciary. The matter needs to be discussed threadbare in the august Houses of Parliament to seek amendment to the archaic laws.

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