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Fill Dug Up Roads Properly

Sometime back some agencies had undertaken excavation work for laying sewerage, gas pipelines etc in Ponda. However, once the work was completed in all respects, the excavated areas were not restored or backfilled satisfactorily. As a result, travellers, particularly two-wheeler riders are facing inconvenience while proceeding along such stretches of roads. During rains, the situation worsens due to water accumulating in such excavated areas. As a result of being unable to ascertain the depth of such excavated spots due to rainwater accumulating in them, serious accidents could occur even resulting in the loss of previous lives. I would like to request the authorities to look into this matter and make arrangements for the immediate backfilling of the excavated areas.


Eradicating Poverty From Nation

Kudos to Samir Khan for his piece titled ‘Children dying of starvation’ (NT July 30). Are technology and formalities for human beings? Or are human beings for technology and formalities? If the latter is true; then let Aadhar linking, ration cards etc get officially declared as having precedence over children’s lives as well and let us dance upon their dead bodies by playing the music of our technological leap and GDP! But if the former is true, then the ‘elite’ Indians of Mars Orbit, IT Revolution or Sensex should hang their heads in shame following such an assault on humanity nipping the precious lives of three ration card-less children in bud, that too in ‘glamour-imposed’ New Delhi. Khan wonders how our present leaders get sound sleep when crores of people sleep on the streets hungry in their constituency. Firstly, majority of the leaders have not entered the political scenario to render service to the poor, but simply to make a professional career out of politics so as to serve themselves and their ilk. And far from getting perturbed on viewing the plight of the downtrodden relentlessly getting roasted on the oven of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, joblessness, child labour, human trafficking and what not; these shameless non-conscientious brigades barbarically beat the trumpet of India’s ‘elitism’ through attainment of Mars Orbit, India’s ‘might’ through public circus of mass Yoga and concentrate on playing to the gallery of bullet trains catering to the rich and catering to the lowest common denominator of gigantic statues – all with the sole aim of diverting the attention of people and international community from the supreme failure of governance and the deep scars continuously eroding the country.



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