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On Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature for LS Polls

A sadhvi, who has terrorist charges against her, is out on bail on medical grounds, ostensibly cancer, has been put up as a candidate by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) so that it becomes “Congress ko mehanga padega,” (Congress will have to pay heavily), according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has no experience in administration or any qualification for ministership. Where are we going, after our experience with most of our senior ministers, especially in Goa, who had to be admitted to hospitals for treatment in India and abroad at great cost to the exchequer. Does nothing else matter except hatred, revenge and winning elections? There must be some rules to put up only mentally and physically fit candidates for elections.


Noteworthy Act Of An Alert Citizen

A shopkeeper has displayed a board outside his shop at Chiplun (district Ratnagiri in Maharashtra) that ‘candidates and party workers need not come begging for votes.’ ‘Opportunism’ is an inseparable part of most of our politicians and leaders and it is experienced especially during election canvassing. During this period, the voter is the king. However, it is usually experienced that these politicians and leaders conveniently forget this ‘voter king’ once elections get over. There is a saying in Marathi which means ‘sweet talk is over once the need is over.’ Guts shown by this shopkeeper should be exhibited by every wise citizen in the country without wasting such time and opportunity so that these leaders are compelled to change their mentality of approaching the voters only when they are in need.


Provide Security To Churches

It is sad to hear that Sri Lanka was shattered by eight coordinated bomb blasts on Easter Sunday and that three churches and four hotels were targeted resulting in the death of many people and injuries to many more. At a time when Christians were attending Easter service and praying for peace and love for all, it was cruel and senseless to attack them with bomb blasts. During Good Friday service and procession on April 19 in Assagao, a group of bearded men were seen video-filming the event with advanced cameras and tripods. Tourists, who visit places of interest, take photos with their smartphones; they don’t move with such cameras and stands. This could well be a preplan of terrorists since such services are common in all churches. Therefore, there is every need for temples and churches to be alert and vigilant.




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