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MPs Need Good Oratory Skills

MAY 12 Lok Sabha poll-day is all set to witness high-octane contests. One among them is the East Delhi seat where BJP’s Gautam Gambhir is taking on Atishi Marlena of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).    Gambhir, the former cricketer, was handed the ticket, like a dolly to a child, as soon as he joined the BJP. His popularity in the constituency is a mystery; most know him as a temperamental player with a history of brawls on the field. On the other hand, Atishi of the AAP has been credited with “transforming” the face of government schools in the constituency in her capacity as an advisor to deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia. Congress’ Arvinder Singh Lovely is no pushover but is expected to eat into the AAP vote-bank. East Delhi has a lot of Punjabi voters, and the three seem to have their eyes firmly set on these votes. Gambhir has turned down a “debate” offer by Atishi.Debates and discussions are the essence of parliamentary democracy. An exemplary orator has always excelled in Parliament. Questions of importance have to be taken up with due diligence. The possible slanging match not only requires a cool head but also numbers at the fingertips. In an event of an NDA return, and ‘Gauti’ winning the seat, a ministership may beckon the 37-year-old former left-hander. Therefore, he has to learn the intricacies of debates in the literal minefield that politics of today is.



Assisting Police In Protecting Devotees

IN the aftermath of the Easter bombings in churches in Sri Lanka, we need to take extra precautions for the safety of devotees. Uppermost, there is a need of a large and strong cadre of volunteers/ushers, trained by professionals in disaster management and evacuation procedures.   Churches are blessed with several well-organised associations. Our youth must come forward in large numbers to volunteer. During Holy Week and Christmas, devotees are all the more vulnerable and hence we cannot leave it only to the police to look after our security. We too must assist them. All gates must be manned by volunteers. Some exits which may closed during services for security reasons should be manned at all times so that they can be opened in case of emergencies. Firefighting equipment must be procured and kept in working condition. Authorities may be requested to provide ambulance services. A first-aid booth with a doctor is an absolute necessity. Church authorities must explore the options of opening addition exits during emergencies. CCTV and rooftop surveillance should also be considered.



Fully Enforce Traffic Rules

WITH an eye on safe driving and reducing fatalities on the roads, the special drive being conducted by the Goa police against specific traffic violations for a fortnight this month is indeed commendable! But while drunken and rash driving along with the distraction of the cell-phone does add to the hazards of unsafe driving needing the harshest of castigation, it is the strictures against the use of tinted-glasses on vehicles that causes some eyebrows to be raised. While one has to respect the directives of the apex court, it is difficult to comprehend the dangers posed by tinted-glasses to the driver of the vehicle! More than a fashion statement, the advantages of keeping away bright sunlight while driving has found the favour of motorists towards using tints on the glasses. However, from the security perspective, excessively darkened glasses which prevent a clear view of the occupants inside the vehicle have been a serious cause of concern. Focused on quelling the terror threats staring the country every other day, the blanket ban on using tinted glasses should be implemented by the authorities in toto. But the Goa Police would be looking through rose-tinted glasses if it is to believe that enforcing strict vigilance on a ‘fraction’ of the infringements generally observed would inculcate better traffic discipline among people! With the administration intent on providing improved thoroughfares in the state, most of the road-widening exercises carried out do give parts of Margao an expansive visage. The stretch of road along Madgaum railway station and Margao Cricket Club for instance! Though wearing a broader look, trucks and other heavy-vehicles parked along both the sides of the road makes driving a very risky proposition here. The stretch of road, much to one’s chagrin, has dismally ‘shrunk’ to half its old width turning it into an accident-prone zone. Such unhealthy traffic scenes could be prevented if the cops undertake regular monitoring of these roads and book offenders for the dangers posed. Why is the Goa Police turning a blind eye to these traffic violations!


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