Monday , 16 September 2019
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Cyclonic Rains Leaving A Trail Of Destruction

With rains accompanied by cyclonic winds leaving a trail of destruction, the monsoon this once has unleashed its wrath in totality across the state. Where it once gave isolated examples of its fury, nature’s vehemence was in full evidence across the entire region this time around. As always, the first casualty was the power distribution system of the state. Frequent tripping caused intermittent blackouts which for a change were attended to promptly. Ripping away metal roof sheets and uprooting dozens of trees, strong winds caused massive destruction of property. Reports of strong waves battering the coastline and sea incursion in the last few days are also equally ominous. The heavy rainfall, water-logging and boulder fall in various sectors have necessitated the cancellation of several trains by the Konkan Railway Corporation. If the news about rain water flowing into schools and residential houses were not startling enough, reports about roads in the state getting submerged under saline water ought to shock the officials off a reverie. Paralyzing normal life, the wet-spell has brought along its own share of miseries for the locals this time. The incessant rains and the ‘temporary’ deluge accompanying it should however stop to serve as a perfect setting for the cell-phone fascinated populace who are quick to make their mobile-clicks go viral on the social media in equally fast time.


Govt’s Efforts To End Terrorism

At one fell swoop, the Narendra Modi government on Monday moved to take away Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and then its statehood with the intention of ending the decade-old terrorism and anarchism in the state. Unbiasedly, the repealing of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the J&K state were due for long. The Pakistan-based terrorist organisations have been extending all kinds of support to those in the J&K state, who are willing to assimilate their nutty and aggressive ideas, and start working for it killing hundreds of innocent people every now and then. As everyone knows the terrorists have been killing many innocent people from the time of partition and it goes on unabated. So many elected governments came to power and woefully they all could not contain terrorists’ killing spree, on the other hand, killing of the innocent by them only went up the number graph.  So, any move from any quarter to put an end to violence in the Valley must be welcomed. Moreover, special status to J&K is against the spirit of nationalism.


Freedom At Mid Day

The exercise of the Union government to scrap Article 370 for taking away special status of Jammu and Kashmir is the completion of the circle, right from 1947 at the time of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to the Indian Union and 1949 when this Article came into effect, to August 5, 2019. The process to withdraw the particular Article that exempted the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indian Constitution is India’s second ‘Tryst with Destiny’, this time at Mid Day, since the Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah started this process around noon, in the Rajya Sabha. With the proposed two new Union Territories namely Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh all set to come into existence, the responsibility of the Union government as regards this region has multiplied. It’s not just the safety and security of the people of this region that the Centre needs to worry about, but also the progress and development of its people, who have been marginalised and disadvantaged for long, due to the environment of terror. The education of the children and youth as well as quality employment to the people is something about which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have to think, and think seriously. The Centre should now also work towards the return of countless Kashmiri Pandits and refugees from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belonging to the Hindu community to this region, while ensuring their safety, accommodation and livelihood. Leaving aside the celebrations of the ruling party at the Centre, the biggest responsibility before the Union government should be to take care that the character and constitution of the region does not change because hoards of people would soon rush to Jammu and Kashmir to purchase the land for constructing hotels, housing projects, and factories. An abusive ‘gold rush’ to this El Dorado could end the identity of the region as it has done to Goa.  

Sadanand Kamat, Margao 

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