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Take It with Pinch Of Salt
BEFORE the start of every Lok Sabha or state assembly polls, it is not uncommon for psephologists, media houses and some TV channels to swing into action with their predictions/prognostications through surveys and opinion polls conducted to assess the ground situation and predict the winning party/winner of each constituency with percentages and charts to back up their findings. With some months to go for the Goa assembly polls, we are also witnessing frenzied activities of contesting political parties and opinion polls galore. While some have predicted a win for the Aam Aadmi Party, others have given an edge to the ruling BJP party despite its poor governance. However, with political equations and scenario expected to change in the ensuing months with some new tie-ups, the number of such predictions is also bound to change. In this game of numbers and predictions it is always the public who get misled, as even exit polls are known to be wrong at times. In such unpredictable situations, the uncanny powers of the world-famous oracle ‘Paul the octopus’ will be badly missed to know the final outcome, until such time we find another.

The Empty Promises Day
COME the Independence Day, the Goa Liberation Day or the Republic Day, our politicians neither feel shy nor ashamed of making promises which are normally forgotten the next day. Such utterances, which otherwise mean nothing, have become common features of the speeches. On Independence Day some politicians promised to make our country a heaven on earth while they failed to hear the cry of the Dalits for freedom in the same country. Now look at the situations in Goa, the construction of the South Goa district hospital has been going on for last several years yet politicians shamelessly say that it will be completed soon. Look at the state of affairs of Margao bus stand it is also supposed to be an interstate bus stand, it is ever disorganised. Earlier, politicians promised that a new bus stand would be built but there is no sign it. At the inter-state bus stand, there is no overhead shelter for commuters. People travelling to other states have to stand in the rain to board the bus. The commuters are put in great inconvenience. Then, the wholesale fish market at Margao is ever filthy and stench comes out of the filth is horrible, However, government made another tall promise of building ultra-modern wholesale fish market within few months. When the government cannot maintain the existing wholesale fish market how can it build another one? It will be fitness of things to regularly maintain the existing market for the good of the public. And so politicians must learn to deliver short speeches with pragmatic assurances as one can fool some people sometime but not all people all the time.

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