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Politicians Defame Army To Grab Power

When our politicians to grab power defamed army and its valiant act of ‘surgical strike’ and attacked each other with the word-bomb, just at that time residents of Bisada village in Uttar Pradesh by wrapping a national flag on the body of Ravin Sisodia (died in a Delhi hospital due to chikungunya fever and has pain in his spine and other parts of his body), tried to project him as a martyr for protecting “Hindu values”. But it’s a pity, by this act the villagers would not be able to overcome the accusations of violation of the code, for Ravin, who was one of the accused in the Dadri lynching case, who along with 17 others was jailed for the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq over an alleged cow slaughter incident in 13 months back.  But by draping Tricolour on Body of Ravi, not only an Insult to National Flag, but also disobey the Apex Court’s landmark judgment in Union of India versus Naveen Jindal  clearly settled the issue of how, when and by whom the national flag can be used. One side the Flag Code of India 2002 states in paragraph 3.22 that “The Flag shall not be used as a drapery in any form whatsoever except in state/military/central para-military forces funerals”. On the other side the apex court had observed that “The national flag stands for the whole nation, its ideals, aspirations, its hopes and achievements. It is a beacon showing to its people the path when their very existence is threatened. It is at this time of danger that this much length of cloth inspires people to unite under its umbrella and urge them to defend the honour of their motherland.” Instead in the case of Ravin, where villagers project him as a martyr for protecting “Hindu values” and BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi, addressing  cited the Muzaffarnagar violence and asked Hindus to stay united, clearly violated the court observation “to unite under its umbrella”.  Because, the event seems political and polarisation is one of the aspects of coming UP election.  Apex Court had also noted that the “Flag Code is not a statute; thereby the fundamental right under Article 19(1)(a) is not regulated.”

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee, Faridabad


Donald Trump’s Presidential Aspirations

The leaked video of Republican nominee  Donald Trump,   has all the potential of putting paid to his US presidential aspirations even before the first vote has been cast. In the 2005 video Trump is heard boasting  of the ease  with which he takes  advantage of women because of his  rich and famous status. The video has shamed leaders from his own party who have asked him to pull out from the November presidential race.  If  Trump can treat  women  with such utter  disdain simply because he is rich and famous,  imagine what he will do if he is rich, famous and ‘the most powerful man in the world’!

Robert Castellino, Mumbai


Goa is Safe for Women Could Now be a Myth

The murder of two women in a single day, that of one of India’s leading perfumer at Sangolda and that of a senior citizen at Curchorem has sent shock waves across the state. The murders raises concern about the safety aspect of women in the state. The general feeling that Goa is safe for women could now be a myth. People in the country have always raised concern about the safety of women in the national capital Delhi and the Nirbhaya case had drawn the attention of the entire nation. However there seems to be a distinct difference between the way women are unsafe in Delhi and in Goa. While in Delhi women are unsafe on the streets, ironically in Goa women seem to be unsafe in their own homes. The women who appear to be the targets are single women who live alone and elderly women who also live either alone or with their ageing husbands. This only exposes the vulnerability of women in our society, specially of those women who live far away from their homes and have made Goa their home in order to pursue their career. Many people have made Goa their home. One of the reasons for this is that Goa is peaceful and offers opportunity for everyone willing to invest their talent here. What has been even shocking was that the murder of the ace perfumer has taken place in a peaceful laid-down village like Sangolda and not in some heavily populated cities of the state. This goes to prove that no place in Goa could be entirely free from crime. These two murders, having taken place at the commencement of the new tourism season will not do good for the image of the state as a safe tourist destination. It may be recalled that the murder of Sacrlet Keeling at Anjuna beach in 2008 had done a lot of damage to the reputation of Goa as being a safe  tourist destination. The police investigating the murders should nab the culprits so that full justice is served to the victims. This will also send a strong signal to other social elements who would otherwise target women with the intention of robbing, sexually assaulting and even murdering them. The government should do everything possible to see that Goa becomes a safe place for women.

With the elections to the state scheduled in a few months time, political parties should promise to tackle crime against women in the state more seriously and if need be even include the aspect of providing safety to women in the state in their official party manifesto.


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