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‘Music is all about expression’ says Vipin Patwa

Music director and composer, Vipin Patwa who is one of the emerging music directors of Bollywood films for the present generation was in Goa recently. In conversation with NT BUZZ he speaks about Goan music scenario and more



Young music director and composer Vipin Patwa who composed music for Bollywood films like the Randeep Hooda starrer  ‘Main Aur Charles‘, has been chasing his passion since the age of 14 when he first learnt the ragas of the Indian classical music.  He chased his dreams of carving a niche for himself in the Indian film industry trying to balance his Indian classical roots and Bollywood’s beats.

When asked which kind of music he prefers, Vipin says: “My upbringing is in Indian Classical music but since I work in Bollywood you have to know to balance everything so then only you can deliver good music.”

The balancing act is not only in the type of music he produces, but even in the act of creating the music itself.  As a composer, music director and vocalist he finds it a little tough to juggle all the aspects but aims to give his best. “It is not easy to manage each and everything. When I started my journey with vocal classes I used to practise for four hours a day so I think that practise is helping me now and as a composer my good music and listening habit helps,” says the 35 year-old who does add that singing will always play a major role in his life. “I started with singing so obliviously in the coming future I will do good singing sessions, singles, and albums.”

Composing has its own perks and thus Vipin says though signing is his first love, he will never give up on composing music: “As a composer I feel composing has a feel good factor as when you compose music for films you have a situation for the film, different directors and actors, story, and screenplay so you have to deliver according to the background of the music. It is challenging but quite interesting as well.”

Having composed songs for Hindi films, Vipin says he is open to composing for regional cinema including Konkani or Marathi films. “I would love to do that because I got my first break with Joe Rajan’s ‘Luv U Soniyo’. Joe is a Catholic and the film was shot in Baga, Goa. Remo Fernandes have sung one song in the film. So let’s see, I hope to have the opportunity to work in the future,” says Vipin. He is currently working on a couple of films with Rajshri Productions and T-Series and is also planning some non-commercial singles, “not typical Bollywood” as he puts it.

Today youngsters in India are making the country proud in the music industry. Music unlike in the past is not looked up as a career option. Ask him if he feels that time times are changing and if society is laying equal emphasis on extracurricular activities and academics, Vipin replies: “I come from a small town in Uttar Pradesh. When I began to learn music my parents said ‘stop this nonsense’ and told me that I should become a doctor or engineer. But now things have changed and parents are supporting their children so I think this is the best time for the youth to explore themselves.”

Music has the power to convey a message that words may not be able to, and Vipin is a believer in this fact and urges singers and musicians to voice out their opinions about anything they feel is wrong. “Music is all about expression and all singers should voice out their opinions as people listen to them so whatever musicians say does affects them. I would suggest that all the top singers to sing good songs for the society. I believe a lot in poetry and therefore, I use a lot of poetry in my songs because I want to give out a message,” he concludes.

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