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National workshop on learning differently held at Goa College of Home Science

Goa College of Home Science in collaboration with the Directorate of Higher Education, organised a two-day National workshop titled ‘Learning Differently’ on the college premises.

The workshop consisted of six sessions and was attended by 78 teachers, special educators, college lecturers, counsellors and postgraduate students.

Chief guest at the workshop was developmental paediatrician and director of SETHU Centre for Child Development and Family Guidance, Nandita D’Souza. Other dignitaries present were principal of Goa College of Home Science, Mahesh Pai; president of the Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera, Amit Palyekar and club secretary, Ryan Costa.

The sessions at the workshop were Understanding Inclusion, Social and Emotional development and Learning Difficulties, Mathematics needs, Reading needs, Language, listening and speech needs and Learning Disabilities. The workshop was facilitated by a team of four experts from the Gateway School of Mumbai (GSoM), namely, Radhika Misquitta, Manika Khanna, Rudri Joshi and Pooja Thakkar.

During the workshop participants were divided into groups. Activities included sharing experiences, answering online quizzes, watching videos and answering queries about them.Games and online quizzes were introduced using apps like Kahoot, Plicker, Thumbs up/down, Mentimeter, and Quizizz.

Chief guest at the valedictory function was director of Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho, Rita Paes. In her address, Paes encouraged participants to bring understanding, empathy, and love into the classroom.

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