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Navelim VP to crackdown on unauthorised parking near schools


In a bid to ensure free flow of traffic, the Navelim village panchayat has decided to seek the intervention of the traffic police to crack down on unauthorised parking along the roads around the schools.

Speaking to reporters, deputy sarpanch Paulo Pereira said that last year the panchayat had written to the schools to create awareness among the parents not to stop along the road around the school and that they should drop the children and proceed further.

Despite several attempts, parents continue to block the free movement of the road by parking their vehicles thus reducing the width of the road which results in blockages to free movement of traffic.

He said that this time round the panchayat has decided to write to the traffic police and call for a joint meeting with representatives of the school and parents teachers association for a decisive action to prevent blockages and ensure free movement of traffic during peak hours. Navelim village has over 10,000 students studying in various institutions upto post graduate level. He said that the panchayat has proposed to hold a joint awareness drive for a week asking parents not to park on the road before asking the traffic police to book cases for unauthorised parking. NT


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