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Panaji to become plastic-free soon




Panaji will soon become a plastic-free zone, thanks to a decision taken by the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP).

City Mayor Vithal Naik Chopdekar on Tuesday said that the CCP has resolved to completely ban plastics of all kinds, even plastic above 50 microns, within the Panaji city, as plastic chokes gutters and drains resulting in flooding in the city during monsoon.

Chopdekar said that the CCP will allot one month’s time to the traders conducting business in the market to stop the use of plastic bags and the decision will be implemented from October 2, Gandhi Jayanti day. He said that the people visiting the city for shopping should henceforth carry with them cloth or woollen bags.

The proposal to ban plastic in the city came from corporator Rupesh Halarnkar while another corporator Soraya Pinto Makhija urged the CCP to make provisions for an alternative to plastic bags first and then implement the decision.

The second major decision taken by the CCP was to declare the old building adjacent to fish market as unsafe for living. It was decided to immediately shift the fish market to a safe and secured place before any untoward incident takes place. Commissioner of CCP Ajit Roy, who toured the market on Sunday along with some corporators, stated that some

illegal activities take place on the first floor of the building and that the second and third floors of the building are allegedly being occupied illegally.

Ex-Mayor Surendra Furtado said the CCP has nearly 25,000 square metres of land occupied by staff of the Corporation.

Some of the staff is housed in three buildings (which are in a dilapidated condition) while others stay in huts and as such, new construction of a building has been proposed with a joint venture of CCP and Goa Housing Board. Before the construction of flats for the staff, the CCP will conduct a survey and prepare a detailed list of people occupying the present premises to see if they reside there legally or not. The survey will be conducted after Ganesh Chaturthi festival. As there was opposition to this from the opposition members, the Mayor said a decision in this regard will be arrived at only in October.

A proposal to design and implement e-governance project for CCP under Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) received a nod from the CCP’s ruling panel on Tuesday. During the previous ordinary meeting, the ruling panel had refused to grant permission to the project.

Furtado demanded that a slide show presentation on e-governance should be conducted in the CCP building and many corporators endorsed it.


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