Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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P’chayat conducts Raheja site inspection sans resolution




While the controversy surrounding the Raheja project and the manner in which the construction licence was issued is growing, enquiries suggest that the inspection done by the panchayat is illegal as it has been carried out without passing a resolution while the panchayat body meeting was held after the inspection.

Enquiries by this daily have revealed that the panchayat bypassed procedures while carrying out site inspection and acted in a haste while issuing the licence.

Panchayat sources confirmed that the file was not placed before the panchayat body meeting while the inspection was directly carried out on August 29 barely six days after the gram sabha that was held on August 23.

As per enquiries, the panchayat meeting was held on August 22, a day prior to the gram sabha. The Raheja file was not listed in the agenda of the meeting and was not discussed, while the next meeting was directly held on September 3 wherein the panchayat passed a resolution to issue construction licence for the project.

Ironically, the minutes of the August 22 meeting were also not confirmed prior to carrying out the inspection of the site and were only confirmed on September 3.

Interestingly, the village panchayat had also carried out two more inspections on August 29 and had passed resolutions to hold these two inspections.

The director of panchayats Gurudas Pilarnkar, speaking to this daily, said that when there is a file which is ‘inwarded’ at the panchayat like in case of a construction file, it has to be placed before the body meeting.

The panchayat body held another meeting on September 10 to confirm the decision to grant the construction licence to Raheja project while also postponing the gram sabha which was slated to be held on September 13. Raheja officials confirmed having received the construction licence on September 19.

Ironically, the panchayat secretary had issued the construction licence for the project without taking any acknowledgement from Raheja, further raising eyebrows about the haste in granting the licence.

The acting sarpanch Orlando nor the former sarpanch Lavita Dias were available for comments.


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