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Recounting the catharsis

The book ‘The House at 43, Hill Road’ by Brenda Rodrigues, saw its Goa unveiling at the Goa Book Club’s meeting at the Broadway Book Centre, Panaji. The author, an East Indian, was in discussion with all those present at the event. Her fascinating story set in Bandra tells of the struggle and the pain she and her family had to endure when the land grabbers came a calling. 

The event drew a lot of interested Goans with the Mumbai and Bandra connect and participants were held in rapt attention as Brenda read excerpts from her book. “I never had any intention of publishing the book, instead just began writing the happenings of the day as they occurred because it was a form of catharsis,” said Brenda about how the book came into being.

“It was my husband Joe who showed the manuscript to a young entrepreneur who had set up a publishing house, Bombaykala Books. Ishan, the publisher was very interested in publishing the work and put us through a whole month of sorting out dusty old files as he wanted all the documents as proof,” says Brenda.

People gathered at the event were curious about the fight against the land mafia and how the Rodrigues family battled their way through 71 cases fought in a span of six years from 1989 through 1994. Many also shared their experiences about similar incidents in the past in Mumbai and Goa. “I in fact wanted to start a kind of directory to the list of orders and motions passed illegally and by which officials, so that people are aware which officials are high on the list of such corrupt ways of operating,” said Joe.

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