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Rescuing and adopting the furry feline

Cats are the furry felines we all know of, even if not loved. We hardly do anything to improve the condition of the ones that are abandoned on the streets. The Cat Network Goa since inception early this year has been rescuing abandoned cats and providing them with temporary shelter until its recovery or even placing them for adoption. The group is hosting a Cat Lovers Convention 2018 today at the Cat Ashram in Arambol from 11 a.m. onwards. NT BUZZ finds out more about this convention and the activities lined-up for the day


We all love our pets; we care for them and nurture them but what about the animals that have no home or a family. It’s not uncommon to spot a stray animal on the street or in any market of which cats top the list. With an intention to create awareness about the need to sterilise cats instead of discarding them in public areas and to place them for adoption, the Cat Lovers Convention 2018 is being held today at Cat Ashram, Arambol. Organised by Cat Network Goa, a group of cat lovers, the daylong event has a line-up of several activities and games that are a package of infotainment revolving around cat care and more.

The group empathises with the situation of cats and kittens and hence wants to improve their condition. “There are many people who do not sterilise their cats and hence unwanted new born kittens are abandoned in the fish market. This is the plight of cats we want to eliminate,” says Pathikrithi Jo of the Cat Network Goa group.

Section 11 in The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act says that it is illegal and criminal to abandon any animal in public domain. “Instead of abandoning the kittens we should try to sterilise the cat at the nearest animal cat clinic. This will in turn help in birth control,” says Pathikrithi. She adds that puppies are far more resilient than kittens. “It’s not easy to save a kitten that has not received mother’s milk for two months. Very few people know that kittens cannot control their own body temperature which often leads to fatal consequences. A hot water bottle near a kitten will help it in moderating its body temperature,” says Pathikrithi who houses 32 cats of different age groups at her residence.

The convention aims at raising awareness about cats and bringing all cat lovers under one roof. “At the convention participants will be able to interact and learn about cats and cat care. This will be an informal get- together where people can meet and talk to rescuers. We also plan to create a network of all cat lovers,” says Pathikrithi. The participants will get to ask them about what sort of immediate primary health care that a rescued cat needs. “People can take a few steps such as de-worming, getting rid of fleas and also a list of veterinary surgeons who help in rescuing cats and are experts in cat illnesses will be provided,” says Pathikrithi.

The daylong event will have a kitten exhibition cum adoption from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Desi Billi Contest will be held at 4 p.m. “Anyone can get a local breed cat for the convention and there will be games and lots more,” says Pathikrithi.

The group that presently has around 50 cat lovers looks out for abandoned cats and kittens and rescues them. “We also place these kittens for adoption. We rescue, sterilise, and vaccinate these kittens,” says Pathikrithi adding that rescuers are spread across Goa.

Pathikrithi says that puppies need constant attention but cats don’t need so much attention. “Don’t abandon a kitten. Call someone from the cat network and we will help you out,” she concludes.


(The convention will be held at the Cat Ashram in Arambol. For details call: 7218098414)

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