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Soft business skills imparted by Gera ‘LINT’

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Pune based, Gera Developments organized a series of training workshops under LINT, a community building initiative, for its customers of Imperium projects in the state.

Following the successful launch of LINT in the third quarter of 2016 , the company s completed four more workshops in its annual calendar of programs. Recently twin workshops in the training category of LINT were held. While the first was on personal grooming for an impactful presence, the second covered selling skills and performance building.

The first training program focused on essential topics like vocal impact, dressing style, business etiquette and networking skills. The focus was on redefining selling pitch through ‘story selling’ and long-term customer relationship building.

LINT is a one-of-a-kind business initiative and an exclusive business engagement program undertaken by Gera Developments for its commercial customers to help them excel in their respective businesses by adding strategic value to their business operations. The purpose is to help businessmen in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Commenting on the objective of this exercise, Rohit Gera, managing director, Gera Developments said, “We have started this as a business relationship program wherein we aim to deliver strategic business value for all our commercial customers. Our objective is to help our customers and our tenants outdo both in terms of their business endeavors as well as in their real estate returns. In today’s turbulent and evolving market conditions, the only way to stay at the end of the tipping curve is to be on a continuous path of evolution in one’s respective business. In taking our customers through these workshops across the spectrum of learning, inspiration, networking and training, we help them outdo in their quests for success.”

The aim of the two training sessions was to enable the staff of the owners of property in Imperium commercial spaces understand the importance of first impression in client engagement. “Our customers benefitted hugely through these workshops,” said Gera.

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