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MMC upbraids SGPDA on waste segregation



Chief officer of the Margao municipal council Siddivinayak Naik  on  Monday dashed a letter to the  member  secretary  of the  South Goa Planning and  Development Authority, asking the body  to release  only segregated waste from its markets.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times, Naik said, “I have emailed a letter to the SGPDA today, warning it that if its waste is to be collected by the MMC then it must segregate it.  We will not lift mixed waste from  the SGPDA  from Tuesday.’’ 

The  SGPDA has been  informed that their  dry waste will be collected twice a week – Tuesdays and  Fridays.

“We had written to the authority earlier also on the issue. The member secretary did not pay

heed…,”  the chief officer  claimed.

Every day   SGPDA markets generate nearly  12 tonne of  different types of waste, which is lifted by the MMC twice a day. 

Waste segregation has been a Herculean task for the MMC  due to the lack of logistic support.

At a recent  meeting, MMC chairperson Babita Prabhudesai had admitted that  waste is segregated  only at 40 per cent of the   areas coming under the MMC jurisdiction.

A MMC engineer said,  “Two  compactors are yet to come.  We received a total  of 300  big waste bins of 240 litres and  150 of  50 litres. We will starting segregating in toto soon.’’

Villagers prevent MMC from dumping unsegregated waste



Upping their ante against the random dumping of unsegregated waste at the Sonsoddo dump, Curtorim sarpanch  Rui Menezes  and 15 villagers on  Monday  stopped and prevented  the waste-laden mini-trucks of the Margao municipal council  from getting into  the  dump,  demanding that  the civic body must dump only segregated waste.

Explaining the reasoning for disallowing the MCC trucks from entering the dump, Roque Mascarenhas from Curtorim said, “We had filed a police complaint on Sunday against the MMC alleging that the civic body is dumping mixed waste at the dump. This mixed waste leads to formation of gases at the dump, which has been on fire since last Monday. We had asked the MMC to stop dumping of mixed waste at the site, but it has continued dumping it.” 

Braving the thick smoke that is still  billowing out of

the dump, the villagers camped at the site to ensure that mixed waste is not unloaded at the site, where the fire is still raging. 

The villagers stopped the trucks from entering the dump for at least three times.

The affected residents of Maina-Curtorim and Gandhi Road area gathered at the site after they came to know that the MMC is continuing dumping the waste.

“We got the information that the MMC started the waste dumping early today morning.  We went there and waited. At around 8 am we saw four waste-laden mini trucks trying to get into   the dump. We stopped them,’’ Menezes said. 

Police personnel rushed to the site sensing trouble. There were around 40 police personnel at the dump to maintain law and order.  

Director of the municipal administration Tariq Thomas also rushed to  the site to monitor the situation.

It is understood that around  20 vehicles loaded with  mixed waste have been kept at  the Old Market  garage, Margao.

The villagers met Thomas asking him as what   action his office has taken on the dumping of the mixed waste at Sonsoddo.

Thomas   assured the villagers of  taking  cognisance of their complaint.  

Curtorim MLA  Alex Reginaldo Lourenco and others explained to the  DMA the problems faced by the people living in the vicinity of the dump.

Air quality takes a plunge near dump



Air quality at the Sonsoddo dump has dipped to ‘very poor’ category, even as dumping  of mud to contain the fire continued on Monday.

The Goa State Pollution Control Board recorded a multifold spike in the level of respirable as well as gaseous pollutants, which were  monitored from Friday night till Saturday evening within the vicinity of the

Continuous real-time data for fine particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, NO2, SOX and O3 was monitored using  ambient air quality monitoring units fixed at three locations – at the government veterinary hospital, near ‘Car Express’ and at a house in ward no. 7, which are approximately 200-300 metre away from the dumpsite.

The air quality monitoring report prepared by the GSPCB showed the highest exceedance of the major pollutant PM2.5 or particle with diameter less than 2.5mm near veterinary hospital, which is at least twice than the prescribed standard of 60µg/m³. 

The Respirable Particulate Matter (RPM or PM10), which directly affects breathing, was recorded at 444.14 µg/m³ near the  hospital, which has gone up by over four times the daily prescribed standard of PM10 100µg/m³  set by the Central Pollution Control Board  under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

PM10 was recorded above the standard limit of 191.52 µg/m³ near ‘Car Express’, while PM2.5  was recorded at 73.74 µg/m³.

The air quality data showed the monitoring carried out from the house showed PM10 value within permissible limits of 88.28 µg/m³, while PM2.5 value exceeded to 68.32µg/m³, indicating moderate pollution.

Although the concentration level of sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide is within permissible limits of 60mpmc and 80mpmc respectively,  the figures indicate that the levels of nitrous oxide NOX has been increasing slowly.

The level of nitrous oxide was recorded at 61.10µg/m³ at the veterinary hospital, 37.23µg/m³ near ‘Car Express’, and 37.66 µg/m³ at the house.

The air quality at  Sonsoddo moved from ‘poor’ to ‘ very poor’ category. A board official warned that air quality  could deteriorate in the coming days due to toxic air coming out of the blazing fire at the dumpsite.

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