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Taleigao not fully prepared for rains

Panaji: Even though the monsoon is just a few days away, Taleigao village is not fully prepared as the work of de-silting of storm drains is not completed.

The pre-monsoon work was started late however the panchayat is pointing fingers at the enforcement of model code of conduct however after cleaning the storm drains in most of the wards, the waste and silt has been dumped nearby and will get washed into the drains along with the rainwater.

Tree waste as well as garbage was found in the drains at several places bringing to light the laid-back attitude of panchayat body in initiating the de-silting exercise on time. In Vodlem Bhatt, the de-silting exercise is in progress and also in other arterial roads under the jurisdiction of the panchayat. “It’s been three days since the silt and other waste is lying in front of my house. Due to rains, the silt will get washed back into the drains causing floods,” said a resident.

The work to clean drains before the arrival of monsoon has started but the process is neither complete not carried out effectively. The drains on Tambdimati-Taleigao bypass road near Casa de Povo building have not been cleaned and the silt accumulated there would prevent the free flow of water.

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